School of Business donor stories: Anni Heikkilä

‘I challenge all our alumni to donate, even with a small amount.’
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Tell us about you

I am School of Business alumna, currently working as an investment director in our family business. I started my studies at the School of Business in 1999 and from the very beginning, I was enthusiastic about the diverse study offering in our School. I completed my master’s degree with economics as my major in 2003. I also completed the CEMS MIM degree in 2004. After a few years in working life, I returned to the School of Business for doctoral studies in economics. I defended my PhD dissertation on the development of financial sector in Africa in 2014.

Your memories when studying at the School of Business

The School of Business community welcomed us newcomers with open arms, both in lecture halls and in student activities. It was easy to get involved in KY's activities and I found meaningful things to do e.g. in the Academic Committee and in the KY Economics club. I have many unforgettable memories from my student days, such as ‘Mursujaiset’ event, my first student Vappu celebration (First of May), NESU-KY's sitsi parties at ‘Alakertsi’ and KY's 90th anniversary ball at Finlandia Hall. I also pursued an interdisciplinary student life by playing in the Polytechnic Orchestra in Otaniemi.

How have the business studies been useful in your career?

In my career so far, I have worked as a management consultant, researcher, and in analytics development roles in the media industry. I recently joined our family business to work with acquisitions and the development of our target companies. My major studies in economics have given me a strong foundation in logical problem solving and advanced data analysis, and the importance of these skills is growing all the time in business life. General business studies, on the other hand, have provided me a good ability to understand different aspects of entrepreneurship, which is important in my current job.

The 110-year history of our School gives cause for pride: we are the forerunner in higher education of business studies in Finland.

Anni Heikkilä, School of Business alumna and donor.

What inspired you to donate to the School of Business?

The School of Business provided an excellent starting point for my career. I feel that those of us, who have enjoyed a virtually free, very high-quality education, should give back to our School. Therefore, I challenge all our alumni to donate, even with a small amount. The internationally successful School of Business and the skilled, future business student generations are of benefit for all of us and for the entire Finnish society.

Your greetings to the 110-year-old Kauppis

The 110-year history of our School gives cause for pride: we are the forerunner in higher education of business studies in Finland and we conduct world-class, high-quality research. In addition, the merger into Aalto University shows that the School of Business is not only a traditional, but also an innovative and up-to-date institution.

Your greetings to other School of Business alumni and current students

I sincerely hope that the pandemic situation will calm down and that the current students of our School will be able to enjoy a diverse and vibrant student life. I’m also looking forward to the alumni events in the future! Hopefully the conditions will improve, and we will soon be able to meet in a normal way.

Our warmest thanks to you Anni for supporting the School of Business and sharing your story with us!

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