School of Business Alumni Advisory Board member's story: Pasi Torppa

School of Business Alumni Advisory Board member Pasi Torppa studied Accounting in the School of Business and has done a long career in management consulting. Currently, he is a private investor and a board member or chairman in several companies.
Pasi Torppa, member of the School of Business Alumni Advisory Board

When and what did you study at Aalto University School of Business?

I started my studies in 1991 and graduated in the winter of 1996. My major was Accounting and minors Tax law and Economics.

In which positions have you worked during your career?

I have worked as a management consultant during my whole career, until last autumn. My first work position after graduation was at KPMG Consulting where I worked in projects specifically related to business steering. I also wrote a book about that topic with a couple of my colleagues. After KPMG I ended up in founding August Associates Oy with my colleague. I was a partner at August Associates for a bit over 18 years. During that time, I worked as a consultant for Stora Enso, Outokumpu, several leading food companies, and venture capitalists, among others. Consulting is a very instructive profession and I am very thankful for the skill set I acquired from consulting. I continue working at August as an Executive Adviser. However, my current main job is investing, for which I have my own investment company. The most interesting field of investing is privately owned scale-up companies. As a board member, I participate actively in the development of the companies I own. 

Share something memorable from the time when you were studying. 

The coffee breaks with friends between the lectures in restaurant Rafla. It was incredibly great to go to Rafla after the lectures and see who else is there, take a cup of coffee and sit in the nice company while chatting.

Your thoughts on the current issues and challenges in the business world? What are the current issues and challenges at your workplace?

Corporate social responsibility has finally become a standard in companies and business. This is quite funny, because it is fundamental and essential that companies act according to fair values towards all stakeholders and the environment. I have noticed that it is easier to do the work if majority of the people think the same way in this matter. For example, just recently I discussed with company representatives to remove all the black plastic from the company’s packages because of its difficult recyclability. For all the participants in the meeting it was self-evident that removing the black plastic would be essential, although it was not the most cost-effective option in the short run.

The School of Business mission, Better Business - Better Society, is very relevant now. It's great for us to be a part of fulfilling it.

School of Business Alumni Advisory Board member Pasi Torppa

What kind of knowledge and skills are emphasized in the future working life?

Specifically, the ‘meta skills’ will be emphasized in the future working life. These are the capabilities that one can apply to work regardless of the field or function, such as digesting broad amounts of information, problem solving skills, communication skills and management skills. Exact and specific information will expire fast and therefore is not very relevant nowadays. That’s why it is useful to invest in the above mentioned meta skills. 

You are a member of the Alumni Advisory Board at the School of Business. What does being an alumnus mean to you?

Being an alumnus means a possibility to give back to one’s own School in return of all the good things that studying in the School of Business brought to one’s own work career and life in general.

Is there something else that you would like to say?

The mission of the School of Business, Better Business - Better Society, is extremely relevant right now. It is great for all of us to be a part in fulfilling it.

School of Business Alumni Advisory Board 2019. From the left: Ingmar Björkman, Jonna Söderholm, Mika Raulas, Juho Tuovinen, Terttu Sopanen, Elisa Liekkilä, Jaakko Eteläaho, Elina Björklund, Pasi Torppa, Arttu Aine, Norbert Juhász, Niklas Wasenius and Emilia Nevalainen.

School of Business Alumni Advisory Board

Alumni Advisory Board steering group discusses policies related to the School's alumni activities, external relations, and fundraising. The steering group consists of 10–14 alumni representatives from the various study programmes of the School of Business and from different fields of business. The steering group meets approximately four times per year.

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