Recording of the opening ceremony published – thank you for joining Aalto Day One!

On September 1, the live broadcast of the opening of Aalto University's academic year was followed by more than 2,000 spectators.
Aalto Day One -tapahtuman studiossa juontajat Olli Kiikkilä ja Leila Arstila sekä heidän takanaan Ilkka Niemelä ja Olli Kesslei
The hosts of the Aalto Day One event, students Olli Kiikkilä and Leila Arstila, as well as President Ilkka Niemelä and the chairman of AYY Olli Kesseli in a live studio built for the event on campus in Otaniemi.

The opening ceremony of Aalto University's academic year 2020–2021, Aalto Day One, was implemented as a new kind of virtual event due to the exceptional situation. Both students and staff as well as university alumni and partners were invited to come along.
The opening ceremony, almost similar to a television broadcast, was held from a studio built on the university campus in Otaniemi. Competence from the various fields of the university was applied in the production, from videos to interviews. As before, the students acted as hosts and they were responsible for the look and feel and visualisations of the broadcast.

Laajassa kuvassa studiosta näkyy tila kokonaisuudessaan, etualalla tietokoneen näyttöjä sekä tekniikasta vastanneita ihmisiä kuulokkeet päässä, taustalla tilaisuuden juontajat ja muita taustahenkilöitä.
The competencies of Aalto staff and students was used in many ways in the opening production and in the studio built at the Learning Centre.

Prior to the live broadcast, new students were received in their own warm-up, and through a pre-opened message box, anyone could pass on their greetings to both current and new Aaltoes.

During the event, there was a lively discussion on the Aalto community's chat channels. The event was followed by more than 2,000 new and current friends of Aalto University.
Thank you for joining Aalto Day One!

Avajaisten etkot juonsivat opiskelijat Milja Koskela and Kaisa Talvitie (edessä), taustalla musiikkia soittaa DJ Henqi.
Students Milja Koskela and Kaisa Talvitie at the warm-up, with DJ Henqi in the background.

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Photos Mikko Raskinen, Aalto-yliopisto

News about the opening ceremony

Rehtori Ilkka Niemelä pitää lukuvuoden avajaispuhetta verkon välityksellä.

President Ilkka Niemelä: ‘The battered economy does not need a return to the old; it needs a transformation, built anew on the foundation of sustainable development’

Minister of Science and Culture Annika Saarikko and Chair of the Aalto University Student Union Olli Kesseli also spoke at the academic year opening. The opening ceremony was held online.

President Ilkka Niemelä and AYY chair Olli Kesseli at the Aalto Day One opening ceremony on 1 September 2020

Six teams awarded at the opening ceremony

The impact of last spring’s exceptional situation is reflected in the work of all the awarded teams.

Visa Koivunen receives Aalto distinguished professor diploma from president Ilkka Niemelä

Visa Koivunen appointed Aalto Distinguished Professor

Professor of Signal Processing Visa Koivunen was appointed Aalto Distinguished Professor at the opening ceremony of the academic year. The title is granted to a professor whose scientific merits are exceptionally significant.

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