Professors of the School of Business influence the editorial boards of academic journals

Being invited to the editorial board of a journal demonstrates appreciation for a professor’s work
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By working in editorial boards, the professors provide a valuable service for the international academic community

Dozens of professors at the School of Business have various important roles in academic journals. These roles include e.g. Associate Editor, Senior Editor and Editorial Board Member. For example, Henri Weijo and Nina Granqvist have many years of experience of editorial board work and its subsequent influence on each field of science.

Henri Weijo

Professor of Marketing Henri Weijo has been an Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Consumer Research (JCR) since January 2021. JCR is a leading scientific publication in consumer research. It is also an FT 50 journal, which means that it is among the top 50 business science journals listed by the Financial Times. The Journal of Consumer Research covers an extensive range of research in consumer behaviour, such as psychology, marketing, sociology, economics, anthropology, and communication.

‘Getting invited to the editorial board of such an important journal was a great honour and important opportunity both for me personally and for the Department of Marketing. Being an Editorial Board Member is a great vantage point. I’m among the first to learn about the reforms and trends concerning the journal, and I get to influence the preparation of new policies. Editorial Board Member is also a title that affords great international appreciation,’ Henri Weijo says.

Portrait of Aalto University Associate Professor Nina Granqvist

As for Professor of Management Nina Granqvist, she has been an Editorial Board Member of the Organization Studies journal since 2019. The journal is one of the most important journals in organization and management research, and it is also an FT 50 journal. The journal publishes research on organisations and organising from the perspective of social sciences.

‘In addition to getting a valuable vantage point, being an Editorial Board Member makes it possible to participate in determining the direction of academic research. It also allows you to support the development of research papers with a long-term approach – it is always rewarding rewarding to see a paper published. As an Editorial Board Member, one is also constantly exposed to various emerging ideas, which gives one a broader understanding of new trends. For example, recent discussions have revolved around the role and limits of AI in academic research,’ Nina Granqvist says.

According to Associate Dean Virpi Tuunainen, who is responsible for research and international cooperation at the School of Business, drawing up a list of the roles of the school’s academics in journalistic editorial boards and various other boards was eye-opening. 

‘It gave us an excellent overall view of how much influence our professors have this way. Getting invited to these roles, which can be regarded as honorary roles – very laborious ones at that – is an expression of appreciation for a professor’s work. By working in editorial boards, they provide a valuable service for the international academic community,’ says Virpi Tuunainen.

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