Over 80 percent of the campus's energy savings goal has been achieved

As the Aalto community, we initiated campus-wide energy-saving measures in Otaniemi in October 2022 and launched a joint energy savings goal. The measures have worked well, and even during the summer, the campus achieved significant energy savings. In total, we have achieved over 80 percent of the energy savings goal.
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Since the start of the energy-saving campaign in October 2022, the campus has already saved a lot in both electricity and heat energy. For August 2023, the absolute consumption figures compared to August 2022 are -20.72 percent for electricity and -9.45 percent for heat. In megawatt-hours, this means a saving of 671 MWh of electricity and 43 MWh of heat.

In terms of building technology measures, energy has been saved, for instance, from reduced cooling needs during the summer months but also from actions by campus users; many have, for example, considered which electrical devices or other energy-consuming items need to be left on during the holiday and which can be turned off.

Achieved energy savings

It's time for the final push

Our official energy-saving campaign ends on 9th October 2023, marking a year since its commencement. The goal of the Aalto community is to reduce energy consumption by 15 percent during the campaign. Overall, the energy-saving actions aim for a consistently lower level, moving towards a carbon-neutral campus by 2030.

Of the total 15 percent annual goal, about 80 percent has been achieved in 11 months (from October 2022 to August 2023). Our goal is ambitious, but not impossible: by the end of August, an impressive 12.1 percent energy has been saved. It's time for the final push.

Help us achieve our common goal!

Share your best energy-saving tips and ideas using the form below. Given that the buildings on the Otaniemi campus vary greatly in age, size, and use, even small changes in high energy-consuming areas can lead to significant savings. The actions of building occupants also have a major impact, especially in buildings with a high number of users.

You can submit your ideas anonymously through the Webropol survey

You can get near real-time information on the heat, water, and electricity consumption of campus buildings from the information screens in the lobbies.

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Promising results for the impacts of the energy saving campaign are available

The Aalto community started campus-wide energy saving measures in Otaniemi on 10 October 2022, and we also joined the national Down a Degree energy saving campaign. The first results of the energy saving measures are now available.

Aalto University's main campus in the winter

Big savings in campus' energy consumption

Aalto community took up energy conservation measures covering the entire Otaniemi campus on 10 October 2022.

Kuva ihmisestä kävelemässä kampuksella

63 energy guzzlers - tips from the community helped to save energy on the campus

The Aalto community started campus-wide energy saving measures in Otaniemi on 10 October 2022, and we also joined the national Down a Degree energy saving campaign

Three light fixtures lit up on the ceiling of a structure, looks like three beige stripes on a black background, going across from left down corner to right upper corner.
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Aalto University aims at a 15 per cent annual energy saving

The impacts of the measures, targeted at the university buildings, will be monitored for a period of 12 months, after which the next steps will be agreed upon

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