Outstanding results in the campus energy saving campaign

The year-long energy saving campaign by the Aalto community concluded at the end of September, with an ambitious goal to save 15 percent energy during the campaign. We have made consistent progress towards this goal throughout the year, as the campus's energy consumption has been lower each month compared to the same month the previous year.
Aalto University Campus

Starting in October 2022, the 12-month energy saving campaign has resulted in significant savings in both electricity and heating on campus. Overall, we achieved about a 14 percent reduction in the campus's energy consumption over the year. In megawatt-hours, the total yearly savings amount to approximately 2694 MWh of saved electricity and 8149 MWh of saved heat.

"The 15 percent savings goal was very ambitious, and last fall it seemed almost unattainable. However, we took proactive measures and immediately began identifying both quick actions and longer-term projects to achieve these savings. In addition to conserving energy, this of course also has economic implications given the significant fluctuations in energy prices," says ACRE's Managing Director Ville Jokela.

Energy savings

During the campaign, each month the campus consumed less electricity and heat than in the corresponding month of the previous year. The most significant savings were achieved through a systematic review of the ventilation settings. On a concrete level, temperatures in different buildings were standardized, ventilation system operating hours were adjusted more precisely to fit daily fluctuations, and the efficiency of heat recovery was improved.

Additionally, savings were made in lighting by, among other things, mapping the campus's lighting at different times of the day - overall, the campus's energy consumption was reviewed and aimed to be reduced during the evening and nighttime as well.

Even small individual actions helped achieve the overall savings, and some of the measures planned and initiated during the campaign are such that their savings potential will only be realized in the future.

Thank you to the entire Aalto community

The entire Aalto community was involved in the campaign by asking for ideas on how to best save energy. Almost a hundred suggested energy guzzlers were received, leading to corrective measures in several buildings. The community's attitude and actions have also had a significant impact on achieving the savings.

"We want to thank our entire inventive community for the excellent result and motivation. We hope everyone continues to follow sustainable practices even after the campaign. And you can always tip us off about new energy-saving opportunities on the campus; we thoroughly review all ideas and suggestions," Jokela continues.

Although the year-long campaign has now concluded, the savings measures on the campus do not end. Overall, the energy saving measures aim for a permanently lower level of energy consumption, moving towards a carbon-neutral campus by 2030.

Aalto-yliopiston kampus

Over 80 percent of the campus's energy savings goal has been achieved

During the summer, too, the campus has achieved significant energy savings.

Snowy trees on both sides of a snow covered foot path.

Promising results for the impacts of the energy saving campaign are available

The Aalto community started campus-wide energy saving measures in Otaniemi on 10 October 2022, and we also joined the national Down a Degree energy saving campaign. The first results of the energy saving measures are now available.

Three light fixtures lit up on the ceiling of a structure, looks like three beige stripes on a black background, going across from left down corner to right upper corner.
Reflections of two people on solar panels. Light blue sky is reflected on the background.

Aalto University aims at a 15 per cent annual energy saving

The impacts of the measures, targeted at the university buildings, will be monitored for a period of 12 months, after which the next steps will be agreed upon

Aalto University's main campus in the winter

Big savings in campus' energy consumption

Aalto community took up energy conservation measures covering the entire Otaniemi campus on 10 October 2022.

Kuva ihmisestä kävelemässä kampuksella

63 energy guzzlers - tips from the community helped to save energy on the campus

The Aalto community started campus-wide energy saving measures in Otaniemi on 10 October 2022, and we also joined the national Down a Degree energy saving campaign

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