Open University courses for spring 2022 have been published

Course offerings for spring 2022 have been published on our webpages. The first registration period will commence 30 November 2021.
Students outside School of Business / photographer Unto Rautio

Open University offers courses in the fields of economics and business administration, technology, and arts and design. We also offer language studies.

Registration for spring 2022 courses is divided into four registration periods depending on the start date of the course. Please always check the exact registration dates of each course in the course description. The different registration periods start as follows:

  • first registration period starts 30.11.2021 
  • second registration period starts 13.12.2021
  • third registration period starts 31.1.2022
  • fourth registration period starts 22.3.2022

You can access our spring course catalogue here.

Welcome to the Open University!

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