Online events, outdoor activities, and sense of community – this is how computer science and ‘info’ students will celebrate Wappu

Wappu 2020 will take place even though students cannot organize public events or large gatherings
Tietotekniikan opiskelija istuu haalareissa kalliolla
Photo: Aleksi Lallukka

‘The best way to get into the festive spirit is to stay in contact with others, in one way or another’

Aleksi Lallukka, computer science student and publicist of Tietokilta

'In Wappu 2020, I am going to follow virtual events and stay in touch with my friends and people close to me; I may even travel to a cabin. I would have never thought of spending Wappu as a student anywhere else but in Otaniemi, but we’re living in extraordinary times.

Events that I won’t miss include Fuksispeksit, the May Day Madness, and putting on the cap, which will top off the evening of 30 April. I’m pretty sure that I will also take part in some type of a May 1 picnic. Tietokilta won’t have any special events of its own, but I believe that members can get into the festive spirit by visiting the remote guild room.

Walpurgis Night is a holiday on which we celebrate sense of community and togetherness, so the best way to get into the spirit is to stay in contact with others, in one way or another. You can have fun also remotely, and as one cliché says, Wappu is a state of mind. My concrete tips are to listen to the Radiodiodi spring radio and check out the versatile selection of Wappu events by OUBS Live. I believe they will help to lift your mood.’

Vapunjuhlintaa sisätiloissa
Photo: Atte Makkonen

‘This year I will put my cap on physically alone at home, but mentally together with everyone else’

Atte Makkonen, information networks student and publicist of Athene Guild

‘The Walpurgis celebrations of Athene include all kinds of events, even though this year Wappu will be different than all of those that have taken place in previous years. Many events will still take place, but they have been adapted so that they can be organized online.

We started the Wappu of Athene by publishing the traditional Wappukukka, a virtual Wappu calendar. On each April day, we publish something new with the aim to cheer people at Athene and Aalto up. Also, the traditional Wappukukka Qkkachat helped to create the festive spirit on Monday before May 1; this was a 24-hour-long chat program that took place online. Members of Athene have also held their remote sittnings, and on the last week of April, we will participate together in many events, such as the virtual Crowning of Havis Amanda.

This Wappu, I will be staring at my computer screen a lot, and in order to keep some balance, we should remember to go outdoors as well and enjoy the amazing spring weather! I’m going to eat Vappu food, wear clothes that are associated with Vappu, and decorate my apartment accordingly. These little things help to get into the right mood.

This year, I will put my cap on physically alone at home, but mentally together with everyone else. Even though this Vappu will be different than any previous Vappu, I believe it will be a memorable one!’

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