Number of applicants to bachelor’s programmes increased in the national joint application

Over 12 600 applied to Aalto University’s bachelor’s programmes in Finnish and Swedish
Kolme haalariasuista opiskelijaa metroasemalla

Interest in Aalto University remained high in the spring’s joint application to bachelor’s programmes that are taught in Finnish and Swedish. This year, Aalto University received a total of 19 419 applications. The number of applicants was 12 624, out of whom 8 352 placed one of Aalto’s programmes as their first study choice (i.e. primary applicant). 

'A warm thank-you to all who applied to Aalto University! I’m delighted that Aalto attracts such high interest among applicants. I have also been happy to see how actively our current students have returned to our campus after the lockdown restrictions. Hopefully, we will see many new students on campus next autumn!' says Petri Suomala, Vice President of Education at Aalto. 

The field of science and technology contains 16 study options, whichand it received 11 819 applications in total. There were 6 026 applicants and 3 504 primary applicants to these study options. This year, the most popular study option in the field was computer science (tietotekniikka), which received 1 253 applications. The chart-climber was real estate economics and geoinformatics (kiinteistötalous ja geoinformatiikka) whose number of applications grew by 44% compared to the previous year. 

In the field of business and economics, the economics and business administration bachelor’s programme (kauppatieteiden kandidaattiohjelma) had 5 579 applicants, out of whom 3 311 were primary applicants. 

In the field of art and design, there were 1 930 applicants and 1 536 of them were primary applicants. There were 13 study options open for application this spring. Visual communication design (visuaalisen viestinnän muotoilu) reached the highest growth; its number of applicants grew by 72% compared to the previous year. 

Additionally, there were 72 applicants who applied to the field of technology via open university. In the field of business, 36 applicants applied based on open university study records or competitive performance. 

The figures are taken from the Studyinfo service immediately after the application period ended, so the figures may change slightly as the reports are updated, and applications are processed. The results of the national joint application to higher education will be published by 7 July 2023 at the latest. 

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