Medals of Honour of the President of the Republic of Finland to Reetta Karinen and Annika Tuomola

Two Presidential Medals of Honour have been awarded to the School of Chemical Engineering. Reetta Karinen was awarded Knight of Orders of the White Rose of Finland. Annika Tuomola was awarded with a first class Medal with a gold cross of the Orders of the White Rose of Finland.
Rita Heinrichs (from left), Sari Töyrylä, Annika Tuomola, Reetta Karinen, Kristiina Kruus and Ari Jokilaakso. Photo: Virpi Raski, Aalto University

Grounds for the awards:

Reetta Karinen, D.Sc. (tech.), has been a long-time lecturer in the field of technical chemistry. Her research field is very important for Finnish industry in the development of environmentally friendly technologies. Ms Karinen, a senior university lecturer, is highly regarded and respected. Her long-standing position as the “Oltermanni” at the Guild of Chemical Engineering is a testimony to her esteem among students.  Her strengths include excellent pedagogical skills and subject knowledge, clarity and systematic approach to teaching, and digital skills that are ahead of others. She is happy to share her knowledge, and during the distance working, for example, others received good user tips on digital issues.

During her career, she has also made a valuable contribution to research. The collaboration with the two professors is fruitful and positive.

Reetta Karinen is always ready to contribute to the common tasks.  She is currently a member of the Education Council and the Teaching Skills Assessment Group. She also participates in recruitment working groups and enjoys the unreserved respect of her colleagues and other staff. Her activities create continuity and enthusiasm among students and colleagues alike.


Annika Tuomola is an accomplished and outstanding employee with a long career in the corporate and academic world. She has been a very conscientious and reliable employee who has contributed to Finnish education and research. Annika Tuomola worked for Nokia for more than 10 years as secretary of the IPR department. From Nokia, she joined the Department of Chemical Engineering at TKK as an office secretary on 1 May 2006 and continues to work as a financial secretary at the Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering.

Annika Tuomola has also worked for a year as the university's management secretary, and she also excelled in these positions. She has performed challenging tasks in an expert organisation in a competent and self-motivated manner. Annika Tuomola has taken on responsibility for the practical side of things, with a particular expertise in the smooth organisation of events. With her cheerful and positive attitude, she has contributed to the atmosphere and well-being of the whole working environment.



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