Learn to sail skilfully through uncertain times

Join the capacity building workshop in May to increase your capacity for change, learn to rely on your intuition and challenge the current perceptions of learning and problem-solving
Three people in a calm environment on their knees with different distance to camera, all facing right.
Social Presencing Theater practices can help to embrace the change and challenge the current ways of thinking and doing. Photo: Presencing Institute

The times we live in are stressful and burdening in several ways. Life might feel more uncertain than it has been ever before, and the pace of change shows no signs of slowing down – instead, it seems only to be accelerating.

To equip its staff with competencies to address constant change Aalto University initiated the experimental project called Capacity Building for Creative Radicals (CBCR). It draws from Otto Scharmer’s Theory U and Social Presencing Theater, developed through collaboration between Otto Scharmer and Arawana Hayashi. The aim is to increase community’s capacity for change and collective understanding using embodied intelligence: listening the wisdom of the heart and body instead of only the head, thus relying also on the intuition and emotion rather than pure rational thinking.

These methods have a connection to transformative learning and can be beneficial within the work context, but they can also – and especially – help us in these uncertain times in every aspect of our lives.

Methods offer tools to embrace the change, but also to enhance collaboration and taking care of your own wellbeing in general. Social Presencing Theater’s concrete tools help in grounding, regaining peace and finding means to bring mind and body together. It also demonstrates the idea of radical creativity well, drawing from different disciplines and art forms, bringing them to new context and harnessing their power in a novel way.

The practises of performing arts, as well as meditation, writing and other ways of self-expression, are utilised in a new way, to help drive change in the way people think, act, and react. Listening to the body and its messages enhances intuition that can bring surprising wisdom to different contexts and help to connect with others.

CBCR has already begun with Otto Scharmer’s lecture about Theory U and the first workshop that was held online. However, if you would be interested in learning more and even getting to try these methods in action, there is still time to jump on board for the second workshop!

The second workshop will take place on Wednesday May 18 at 9-17 in Design Factory. It is facilitated byArawana Hayashiand Ricardo Dutra.

In case you would like to take part in the second CBCR workshop, please send an email to Kirsi Hakio [email protected] to register for the event at latest on May 10.

In order to join the workshop, you should watch the lecture held by Otto Scharmer.
Lecture recording

The lecture recording is only accessible for the Aalto Community, so please remember to log in using your Aalto account to see it.

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Radical creativity

We build an outstanding creative community for new thinking.

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