Languages, culture and communication courses in August

The full list of courses is available in Sisu, but here are some recommendations.
Please note that your course registration in Sisu can only be accepted when you add a course to your personal study plan (HOPS) or update the version (Note: if you update the version of a course after you have already registered (enrolled) to participate in it, you will need to re-register for the course).

Communication and interaction

LC-0530 Public speaking and stage fright (in Finnish), 2-3cr, 3.3.–14.4.

If public speaking (or social situations in general) causes extreme stress or anxiety, don't worry, this course is for you! This course focuses on presentation skills specifically from the perspective of managing anxiety.  

LC-0320 Public speaking skills  (in English), 3cr, 26.2.–8.4.

Come practice presentation skills in a fun and supportive atmosphere! We will engage in various exercises ranging from pitches and special occasion speeches to expert presentations and improvised speeches.  

LC-0550 Communication skills (in Finnish), 2-3cr, 1.3.–12.4.

A versatile course on interaction skills. In this hands-on course, you will enhance your understanding of different interaction situations and gain tools for operating within them. Building and maintaining interactional relationships are essential (work)life skills!  

LC-0330 Leadership Communication (in Finnish) 3 cr,  28.2.-10.4.  

Leadership is interaction! Refine your skills eg. in feedback interaction and leadership skills in this interactive course.  

All courses are very practical with lots of exercises. Welcome!  


Registration for summer courses taught in August opens May 15. Students will be selected based on the number of credits earned.

LC-1110 Online writing skills for engineers 1 (w) (1 cr) 29.7.-30.8.2024- open to bachelor's students in CHEM, ELEC, ENG and SCI (degree programs in Finnish)

LC-1112 Online presentations skills for engineers (o) (2 cr) 29.7.-30.8.2024 - open to bachelor's students in CHEM, ELEC, ENG and SCI (degree programs in Finnish)

LC-1114 Communicating technology (o,w) (3 cr) -open to bachelor's students in CHEM, ELEC, ENG and SCI (degree programs in Finnish) 31.7.-28.8 (Zoom) and 2.8.-30.8. (on campus)

LCA-1002 Expressing your expertise 29.7.-29.8. (o,w) (3 cr)  -  open to ARTS bachelor's students


LC-7010 Finland Studies MOOC (1 cr.)

The purpose of the Finland Studies open online course is to offer a starting point for learning about studying at Finnish universities. The course has been designed especially for international students, and faculty coming to teach in Finland, and those who wish to know more about Finnish universities. The course is open for all participants in the Aalto OpenLearning -platform until 13.4.2024.

Other foreign languages

Other foreign languages will be offered by the Open University in the summer of 2024.



Studies and exams in Swedish for the needs of working life continue in period I in the autumn. Choose the study method that suits you best and learn how to communicate in Swedish. 

If you have Finnish as your mother tongue/school education language you can start by taking an entry-level test to identify the right course and study method for you.

You can find the test in MyCourses by using search words "ruotsin lähtötasotesti + ENG, CHEM, ELEC, SCI, ARTS tai BIZ" depending on your field of study.

Vi ses på kurserna!

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