Kyunghyun Cho supports the education of the next generations and the rebuilding of Ukraine

Kyunghyun Cho donates 10,000 dollars to Aalto University Junior and 10,000 dollars to a course on the reconstruction of Ukraine by the School of Arts, Design and Architecture
Lapsia Aalto-yliopisto Juniorin työpajassa. Kuva: Alisa Javits
Kuva: Alisa Javits

Kyunghyun Cho is Associate Professor at New York University and an alumnus of Aalto University School of Science. In 2021, he donated 30,000 euros to the Department of Computer Science, which has been distributed as scholarships to female computer science students from outside the EU. He is also a member of Aalto University’s Fundraising Advisory Board. 

‘My years at Aalto have shaped who I am in a way that no other educational or vocational experience has. I want to help ensure that the next generations of students have the same opportunities that I had at Aalto, and even more,’ Kyunghyun Cho says.

This time, he wants to give half of his donation to Aalto University Junior. 

’It is enlightening and gratifying to see that Aalto also cares about schoolchildren. I strongly believe that a society is only as good as the intellectual curiosity and creativity of its youngest members.’

In the Aalto University Junior courses, children from different backgrounds have the opportunity to get to know the world of science, art, technology and business. Aalto supports Junior financially, and its activities are part of the university’s lifewide learning model. However, donations are needed to develop and scale the operation to become more versatile and accessible for all.

Veli-Matti Ikävalko, Manager of Aalto University Junior, is delighted and grateful: ‘This is a major donation for our important task of inspiring new future makers. The demand for everything we have to offer is huge, and the opportunity for active participation must be ensured for all. Thank you very much.’

Support for urban reconstruction in Ukraine 

Half of Kyunghyun Cho’s donation will be used to support an architecture studio course on the reconstruction of Ukraine at the School of Art, Design and Architecture.

The aim of the course is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of post-war reconstruction and the skills to design future-proof, durable and sustainable housing, public spaces, and environments in a severely damaged urban environment. As a result of the course, the city of Irpin receives five multidisciplinary proposals to support its post-war reconstruction.

‘I’m grateful for this generous donation, as it allows us to tackle a contemporary crisis through university education, and move forward from the devastating destruction of war,’ says professor Saija Hollmén. ‘The research and design issues of the studio concern rebuilding – not just cities, but also identities and sense of belonging, while envisioning a prosperous and peaceful future.’

For future generations 

Kyunghyun Cho encourages alumni to support the university: ’For me, donating is not just about paying back what I have received. It's more about paying it forward to future generations of students who will benefit from what I have already received, and much more. I am happy to do this by supporting my alma mater, and I hope other alumni will do the same.'

For further information, please contact:

 Teppo Heiskanen

Teppo Heiskanen

Director, Advancement and Corporate Engagement
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Kyunghyun Cho, Associate Professor at New York University and an alumnus of Aalto University School of Science, has made a significant donation of 30,000 euros to the Department of Computer Science. His donation will be distributed as scholarships to female computer science students from outside the EU.

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