First scholarships from Kyunghyun Cho's donation awarded to women studying computer science

Four women in the Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence major have received scholarships based on their outstanding study performance
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Four female computer science students have received grants from Kyunghyun Cho's donation. The scholarship recipients in this first distribution round are Hyunkyung Choo, Jiaying Li, Arina Odnoblyudova and Yasmin Sarcheshmehpour.

The scholarships are each worth one thousand euros. The recipients major in Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

‘The scholarships were given to students who have done very well in their studies. I would like to warmly congratulate those who received the scholarship for their good work,’ says Jouko Lampinen, dean of the School of Science, who was responsible for the decisions.

Kyunghyun Cho is an alumnus of the School of Science and associate professor of computer science and data science at New York University. Last year, he made a donation of 30 000 euros to Aalto University's Department of Computer Science, to be distributed as scholarships to female students from outside the European Union who major in Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

The scholarships will continue to be distributed annually until the endowment is exhausted.

Suomessa kehitettiin tekoäly, joka ymmärtää paremmin ihmisen tavoitteita

Alumnus Kyunghyun Cho wants to support women who study data science and artificial intelligence

Kyunghyun Cho, Associate Professor at New York University and an alumnus of Aalto University School of Science, has made a significant donation of 30,000 euros to the Department of Computer Science. His donation will be distributed as scholarships to female computer science students from outside the EU.

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