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Aalto University Junior 5 years

When curiosity is unlimited, you can do anything. You can explore, search, get excited and find more questions. And you might even find some answers!
A boy building a car.
Photo: Alisa Javits

Aalto University Junior offers art, science, technology and business for children, young people and teachers - for joy and inspiration and to support teaching.

We organise camps, clubs, family events, courses, lectures, school visits, workshops and trainings for children of all ages.  

Let's build our future today!  

Join us in supporting the unique activities of the 5-year-old Aalto University Junior.  

By donating, you will help

  • inspire young future makers to explore the wonderful world of arts, science, technology, and business.
  • encourage all children and young people from different backgrounds to pursue their ambitions.
  • scale up activity to reach even more children and young people in the future. 
Lapsia laboratoriossa Aalto-yliopisto Juniorin perhepäivänä vuonna 2018 / Kuva: Aino Huovio

Aalto University Junior

Join us to inspire children and young people to enter the world of science, art, technology and business! Read more

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 Helena Salminen

Helena Salminen

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