F011 Scan and Edit moved to K1-Floor

The workstations of F011 have been moved in order to expand the F001 classroom. Scan and Edit spaces can now be found on the K1-floor around the photography homebase. New scanners have also been added.

The remaining F011-Windows workstations with video editing, 3D modeling, and digital drawing possibilities will be moved to new premises in the upcoming weeks.

In turn, F001 will offer more Mac workstations for students from the beginning of the autumn semester.
Work in Progress. Image by Suvi Helko, 2022.

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Read more about the new Scan & Edit spaces and other special purpose facilities.

Filmscanner in Scan and Edit Space K104

Scan and Edit K1-Floor

Three workstation rooms equipped with special hardware and software for high-end scanning, photo editing, and digital drawing.

Workshops - Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture
Filmscanner in Scan and Edit Space K104

Special purpose facilities

The School of Arts, Design and Architecture has a wide range of special purpose facilities equipped with appropriate hardware and software.

Workshops - Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture
ARTS Workstations Team
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cells under the microscope with 40 X magnification
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Ways of seeing: life – glass – chem workshop was organized by Biofilia and Glass workshops

Ways of seeing: life – glass – chem is a multi-day workshop organized in April 2024 in cooperation with Aalto University Department of Art & Media and Bioart Society, and hosted by Laura Beloff, Biofilia and glass workshop at Aalto University

White Aalto logo with exclamation mark standing in the middle of Otaniemi campus in the summertime
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Aalto University Foundation issues two bonds in the aggregate amount of EUR 150 million

The net proceeds from the Notes will be predominantly applied for refinancing existing loans taken out to finance real estate investments but also for general corporate purposes.
Photo collage of some of the actions funded by the Sustainability Action Booster grant
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Aalto University funds students' sustainability actions with tens of thousands in a year – “This is something we haven't seen anywhere else”

Aalto University’s Sustainability Action Booster is a pioneering grant designed to support student-owned sustainability actions on campus and beyond.
Otaparkki julkisivu
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Otaparkki offers smooth parking for campus visitors

The Otaparkki multi-storey car park and other paid parking spaces on the campus provide parking for guests arriving on campus.