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In addition to shared IT classes, Aalto ARTS offers a wide range of workstation environments, including various video editing units, 3D-modelling units, a colour-managed IT class and editing room, and other special facilities, such as a Sinco Laboratory for service design prototyping.

A wide range of software can be installed in both IT classes and specialty rooms. Existing spaces can also be customized according to the needs of both hardware and software.
Arts_Infra - Workstations Workshop by Jaakko Kahilaniemi

News and current issues

Arts_Infra - Weaving Workshop by Jaakko Kahilaniemi
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New open hours at Arts infra workshops

All ARTS infra workshops will have new open hours from 13.9. onwards. The workshops will be in three different categories which will have different schedules. Most workshops will be longer open in the afternoon than currently.
Computer setup in Remote teaching studio
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New Remote Teaching Studio In Väre

There is a new remote teaching studio located in Väre J-111. The room has everything you need to make a high quality recording, Zoom/Teams call, or record a lecture into Panopto.


Colour-managed workstation spaces

  • Computer classroom F001 (ARTS/Väre). In this classroom there are 25 Apple iMac 27" workstations (2018) that all have a good selection of software for photography, graphic design and basic video editing work: the full Adobe CC 2020 suite, Affinity Photo and Designer etc. The classroom space is optimised for colour-managed working, i.e. the lighting and colouring of the space is controlled, enabling dependable colour perception.
  • Workstation space F011 (ARTS/Väre). In this space there are three Apple iMac Pro 27" workstations and four HP Z8 Windows workstations. These very capable workstations are equipped with some special hardware and software. There are A3 flatbed scanners, a high-end film scanner, Wacom Cintiq Pro 24" pen displays, a video colour-grading monitor and controllers, digital painting software etc. This is a place to start if you want to introduce yourself to new digital tools or need that high-end performance.


Workstations for special tasks

  • DIY printing F008 (ARTS/Väre). There are two Windows and two Apple iMac 27" machines, three of which are designed for self-service printing with an A1 printer and two A2 printers. One iMac uses an A3 scanner.
  • Under construction. Student Area K2 (ARTS/Väre).
    There are two HTC Vive machines that can be booked through Takeout: In addition, there are separate machines and separate displays for your laptops.
  • Under construction. Student Area K3 (ARTS/Väre).
    There is one HTC Vive machine that can be booked through Takeout: There are also some separate displays for your laptops and two tables that can be booked through Takeout. Once you have booked a table, you can keep the materials on the table for the entire booking time. Tables can be booked at the address:
  • Student Area M107 (ARTS/Väre). There are six powerful PC computers.

Basic workstations

  • At least partly under construction. Drop-in computers (ARTS/Väre). There are several workstations in the corridors in Väre that are freely available. Workstations equipped with Apple iMac 27" machines are on the 1st floor in front of blocks P and Q and on the 2nd floor in front of blocks J, M and Q. Workstations equipped with Windows computers are on the 2nd floor outside of P block. In addition, there is one Microsoft Surface Studio in front of Q block on the 1st floor.
    The scanners are connected to the Apple iMac 27” computers in two corridors. The scanners are profiled and their drivers and profiles are on these machines. On the 1st floor, outside P block, there is an A4 scanner with scanning capabilities for film. On the 2nd floor, outside M block, there is an A3-sized scanner for reflective materials only. There is an information sheet taped on to the scanner cover about suitable profiles.
  • Computer classrooms. Computer classes are available to students when there are no classes. Workstations equipped with Windows computers in Väre are in rooms L208, M101 and R101. Workstations equipped with Apple iMac 27" machines in Väre are in rooms F001 and M102.
    Väre Room M101 is equipped with Microsoft Surface Studio machines.
    Classes with Windows workstations on the A-wing of Otakaari 1 are A046 and A046a. A class with an Apple iMac 27" is A034.
  • Loanable laptops. There are 16 Windows Aalto laptops and 12 Aalto Mac laptops available for courses from Väre Takeout. Please remember these need to reserved well in advance. More info at Väre Takeout page.

For contact information and to reserve space in the workshop, please log in to the Aalto website.

More detailed information

ARTS Workstation team Application


In addition to the programs included with the operating system, the computers of School of Arts, Design and Architecture have installed applications that are essential for studies.

Workshops - Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture
F011 iMac and Cintiq

Operational needs

Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture workstations and facilities offer plenty of opportunities for a wide range of activities and needs.

Workshops - Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture
M102 Mac lab

Classrooms and facilities

The workstations of School of Arts, Design and Architecture are located in the classes and special facilities in Väre and Otakaari 1 A-wing.

Workshops - Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture
Going to help people in Väre.

Workstation team services

The services provided by the workstation team of School of Art and Design

Workshops - Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture
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