EXPERIMENT: CHANGE Final Presentations

This year, the Experiment: Change course focused on human rights, activism and effectual change.
From the project “Edes yksi” (“Even just one”) Justus Arvelin, Aurora Näsi, Samu Pitkänen and Elina Äärelä

This year, lecturer Tarja Nieminen’s course Koe: Muutos (Experiment: Change) from the Visual Communication Design program in the Department of Media, focused on human rights, activism and effectual change. For their course assignment, students were tasked with designing a campaign-like communications concept around these themes, with a specific focus on women rights in Afghanistan and Iran.

Koe: Muutos is part of the Visual Communication Design program’s bachelor’s degree studies in the Department of Media. Arto Sivonen, founder of the design agency Måndag, was the co-tutor. He has extensive experience working within the framework of these themes and also suggested the topic for the course. Arto brought his expertise and contacts to the course.Sivonen explained that “Måndag design agency works closely with these exact themes and it was a pleasure to see great works from our young creative designers.” 

Also present at the final presentation was Hoda Noroozi, an Iranian interior architect and Jawid Danish, an Afghan student living in Finland and published author of his memoir Long Way From Home. 

The course culminated in six final projects, where students created campaign concepts around the given themes and the Afghan and Iranian experience. 

Arto Sivonen, co-tutor and founder of the design agency Måndag. Hoda Noroozi, an Iranian interior architect and Jawid Danish, an Afghan student living in Finland and published author of his memoir Long Way From Home.
vapaus kulkea
From the project "Vapaus Kulkea" – Ella Svens, Iris Eklund by Heidi Mäkelä

“Vapaus Kulkea” (“Freedom to Move”) Ella Svens, Iris Eklund and Heidi Mäkelä 

”Vapaus Kulkea” tackles Afghanistan’s ban on women’s freedom of movement under Taliban rule through an informative campaign in Helsinki, which ultimately culminates in an art installation at Kansalaistori. The art installation is split in two – one side filled with Afghan artworks, information and ways to donate, and on the other, a dark, empty room, that invites you to sit under one light in total isolation, highlighting the loneliness of the Afghan female experience. 

voima meissä
From the project "Voima Meissä" – Aalo Kailu, Taina Meriläinen and Saga Roos

“Voima Meissä” ("Power is Us") Aalo Kailu, Taina Meriläinen andSaga Roos 

“Voima Meissä” is a 12-episode documentary series that hopes to highlight the power and strength of Afghan women, even under such strenuous bans on their personal freedoms. Each episode features a different Finnish celebrity stepping into an Afghan woman’s shoes and navigating a world where their personal freedoms are eradicated.  

From the project AFAR "Afghan Art Recollection" – Annika Hellsten, Joonatan Koponen and Kim Thien Tran

AFAR “Afghan Art Recollection” Annika Hellsten, Joonatan Koponen andKim Thien Tran 

AFAR is a virtual Afghan art and cultural preservation center rooted in the idea that without culture, we don’t exist. The virtual gallery aims to preserve and showcase historical and modern works by Afghan artists, which have been largely destroyed under Taliban rule.  

muutaki ku makaroonia
From the project "Muutaki ku makaroonia" – Anna Miettinen, Oona Piippo, Roosa-Emilia Ronkainen and Siiri Rajalin

“Muutaki ku makaroonia” (”More than just macaroni”) Anna Miettinen, Oona Piippo, Siiri Rajalin and Roosa-Emilia Ronkainen

“Muutaki ku makaroonia”is a new type of Finnish microwavable food, inspired by the colorful, rich tastes of Iranian cuisine. The campaign pokes fun at Finnish food culture, where flavors are largely considered bland and food is typically enjoyed alone, while the food packaging itself contains important information on human rights violations in Iran and how to help. 

From the project "Äideiltä Äideille" – Emma Hansen, Patricia Sarkkinen and Jaana Sundberg

“Äideiltä Äideille” (“From One Mother to Another”) Emma Hansen, Patricia Sarkkinen and Jaana Sundberg

“Äideiltä Äideille” supports Afghan mothers by harnessing the power and importance of the Finnish maternity kit. The campaign offers three choices: donate your own maternity kit to an Afghan mother, send a new maternity kit or donate through purchase. The campaign aims to make motherhood and birth safe in Afghanistan. 

From the project "Edes yksi" – Justus Arvelin, Aurora Näsi, Samu Pitkänen and Elina Äärelä

“Edes yksi” (“Even Just One”) Justus Arvelin, Aurora Näsi, Samu Pitkänen and Elina Äärelä 

”Edes yksi” attempts to solve Afghan women’s almost impossible journey to higher education. The campaign attempts to uproot the safety of the Finnish mindset, through street signage that depicts the restrictions on women in Afghanistan. The campaign not only prompts you to donate to help bring Afghan female students to study in Finland, but also culminates in a solidarity protest. 

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