Experience: Change course for peace and understanding

How can creative design help in building peace, understanding and reconciliation?
One of the student concepts is CO-ACT which aims at uniting non-profit organisations and potential activists. Jassir Kuronen, Nik Nummi, Viktor Teodosin


Lecturer Tarja Nieminen’s course Koe: Muutos (Experience: Change) delved into questions related to design activism, peace processes and creating mutual respect in spring term 2021. Creative designers have traditionally been responsible for hands-on execution of projects when they could be more involved in problem-solving, communicating complex issues and networking.    

The course is part of the bachelor’s degree studies of Visual Communication Design in the Department of Media. The founder of the marketing agency Måndag, Arto Sivonen, was the visiting tutor of the course.

The course resulted in altogether six interesting new concepts.

CO-ACT Jassir Kuronen, Nik Nummi, Viktor Teodosin

Jassir Kuronen, Nik Nummi, Viktor Teodosin

CO-ACT is a platform that gathers together different actors within the non-profit sector. The webplatform is a place to explore and find the specific forms of activism that suits you the best. CO-ACT makes it easy to engage in activism, is an efficient communications forum as well as a material bank for hands-on activism materials such as posters, leaflets etc.

KLONG! Eki Masalin, Laura Soini, Norma Lauritsalo

Eki Masalin, Laura Soini, Norma Lauritsalo

KLONG! invites you to calm down, put aside your phone and other devices and focus your thoughts to the loved ones in your life. KLONG! is basically stationary but not made of paper but instead of eco-friendly cellulose fiber. You can ”press” your message in the cellulose plaque and send it to someone you cherish. The name KLONG! is derived from the sound of mail dropping from your apartment’s mailbox.  

Selko-kollektiivi Milena Rinne, Juulia Jokinen

Selko collective
Milena Rinne, Juulia Jokinen

Selko collective brings together scientists and designers. Together they can work to make science communication more understandable and create a new kind of visual world for the sciences. The goal is to bring people together and make discussions less polarized.  

Liittolaisuus Viivi Kuisma, Linnea Lindgren, Hanna-Katri Eskelinen

Viivi Kuisma, Linnea Lindgren, Hanna-Katri Eskelinen

An ally is someone who uses their priviledge for the benefit of others, the ones that are in a less-priviledged standing. The Allies zine is a series of small leaflets that deal with issues of equality and diversity. Each zine is produced by a group of people in a workshop setting. The financing and spreading of the zines is the responsibility of the allies.  


Happy Body Stickers Minttu Leinonen, Jasmin Huttunen, Lauri Kortelainen

Happy Body Stickers
Minttu Leinonen, Jasmin Huttunen, Lauri Kortelainen

This empowering body positivity campaign defies social beauty norms. Any one can produce Happy body -stickers in the campaign website and then distribute them: virtually in social media but also physically out on the town, in fitting rooms and candy stores etc. Through partnerships it’s possible to arrange sticker exhibitions.


Mimesis collective

The Mimesis collective wants to redefine memes as a positive force and bring them to life in a completely new setting. In this way memes can be seen as a means of facilitating a new kind of public conversation culture. Benevolent memes can live in social media but also on the streets as posters.

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