Eight teams awarded at the opening ceremony

President Ilkka Niemelä has recognised eight teams from the Aalto community for their achievements at the Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year.
Aalto University, Opening of the Academic Year 3 September 2019, image Mikko Raskinen
The opening ceremony of the Aalto University academic year was held on 3 September 2019. President Ilkka Niemelä and chairman of the AYY Tapio Hautamäki in the middle.

Aalto Impact awards

The Impact Awards recognise education as well as either outstanding research or artistic impact.

Education Impact award granted to AllWell project team

Professor Keijo Nikoskinen, Study Psychologist Merita Petäjä, Project Designer Sara Rönkkönen, Study Psychologist Mikko Inkinen, Manager, Student Services Saara Maalismaa, and Educational Specialist Viivi Virtanen were awarded for their work in the AllWell project that supports the study well-being of our students. In his speech, President Niemelä emphasised the responsibility of the University in promoting the well-being of students: ‘The success and prosperity of our students is vital to us and the university's multicultural and diverse community needs to be effective in supporting students – to help them be the best of themselves‘.

The Education Impact award was received by Merita Petäjä and Keijo Nikoskinen (in the middle). On the left, President Ilkka Niemelä and on the right, Provost Kristiina Mäkelä.

Research Impact award to FCAI and PREIN flagship projects

Aalto University is actively involved in two new competence clusters that are part of the Academy of Finland’s Flagship Programme: the Finnish Centre for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI) and the Photonics Research and Innovation flagship (PREIN), both of which were awarded the Research Impact Award.

A common goal of Aalto University, the University of Helsinki and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is to create artificial intelligence to benefit real-life needs. FCAI's research strengths include excellence in machine learning and multidisciplinary collaboration with experts in other disciplines, industry and the public sector. At the event, the team, led by Academy Professor Samuel Kaski and represented by Coordinator Kaisa Pekkala and Grant Writer Sami Heinäsmäki, was awarded for the preparation of the FCAI project.

Aalto University’s photonics teams combine the resources and infrastructures of the University of Tampere, the University of Eastern Finland and VTT into a national competence cluster for light-based

technologies. This collaboration enables extensive research of photonics from value chains and basic research to applied research, product development and commercialisation. At the event, Professor Zhipei Sun, Professor Harri Lipsanen, Professor Matti Kaivola and Professor Hele Savin were recognised for the PREIN flagship project.

In the middle, Kaisa Pekkala and Sami Heinäsmäki, who were representing the Research Impact awarded FCAI project.
The Research Impact award was also given to PREIN project. On behalf of the project the award was received by Zhipei Sun, Matti Kaivola and Harri Lipsanen.

Aalto awards

All members of Aalto University personnel were asked to suggest a team, person or activity to be awarded.

Aalto Act of the Year: the relocations of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, and the School of Business

Three teams were awarded for successful integration of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, and the School of Business into the main campus in Otaniemi: Aalto University Real Estate (Aalto CRE) and the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, and the School of Business. Since the founding of Aalto University in 2010, the vision of a joint campus has been one of the driving forces of the university community. The President summed up the achievement: ‘Now it is possible for all fields of Aalto – business, art, science and technology – to work more closely together in developing Otaniemi’.

At the event, the awards were received by team representatives, Head of Workplace Development Sari Dhima (Aalto CRE), Project Manager Tapio Koskinen (School of Arts, Design and Architecture) and Development Manager Perttu Kähäri (School of Business).

The Aalto Act of the Year 2019 is the relocations of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, and the School of Business. The award was received by Tapio Koskinen, Perttu Kähäri and Sari Dhima (in the middle).

Success Enabler is PROFI funding proposals team

Service Manager Outi Kivekäs and her team from Research and Innovation Services were awarded for their excellent work on the preparation of the Academy of Finland's funding proposals for profiling. Over the years, Aalto University has received over EUR 60 million in PROFI funding to strengthen its research profile. The evaluation reports have praised both the strategic approach of the university and the quality of the applications. President Niemelä stated that, ‘Outi Kivekäs has played a key role in all PROFI writing groups and she has made a significant contribution to developing the support needed to prepare the proposals.'

Outi Kivekäs and her team were awarded for their work in preparing PROFI funding proposals. The award was received by Outi Kivekäs and Ella Bingham.

Community award to the organisers of Shaking up Tech event

Development Manager Marja Niemi and the Shaking up Tech project team were awarded for an inspirational event and their collaboration across university boundaries. The goal of Shaking up Tech is to inspire high school girls to study technology after high school. Sara Ikonen, Tiina Aulanko-Jokirinne, Laura Karvonen and Pirjo Putila were part of the awarded team.

Last year, organised for the first time as part of Aalto University Junior’s activities, the event brought a large number of high school girls to Aalto University. During the event, they heard about study and career opportunities in technology. According to the feedback, their interest in technology grew significantly. ‘Expertise is not gender-specific, and that is why it is important to inspire children and adolescents in science and technology as well as in art and economics,’ said President Niemelä.

Shaking up Tech event team and Marja Niemi (in the middle) were awarded with the Aalto Community award.

Congratulations to all!


Photos: Mikko Raskinen, Aalto-yliopisto

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