Documentary short series on the war in Ukraine “Archives, hereinafter” premieres on @aaltoarts Instagram

Three-part documentary short series is created for Instagram by ELO Film School students Mikael Rutkiewicz and Anna Törrönen.
Film negative with text Archives, hereinafter

Archives, hereinafter created by third year Bachelor of Arts documentary students, Mikael Rutkiewicz and Anna Törrönen focuses on the war in Ukraine and its effects, seen through different perspectives. Each film was created within Instagram limits and serve as a reminder that we must not forget.

Each part explores a different effect of the war – from the physical to the mental and global tolls of the conflict. The documentaries not only explore themes of destruction, but also of identity, acting as archival material for the future. Documentaries were a natural way to tell each story and give perspective into the state of the world. 

film negative of two hands
Film roll negative from "Archives, hereinafter"

“The war in Ukraine created the necessity for making these shorts. Humanity has kept waging war through its existence. The shorts explore what archival material will be depicted from this time,” Mikael and Anna explain. 

Part I visits the city of Mariupol as it was once remembered, using images pulled from Google Maps coupled with a unique soundscape. Part II and III, on the other hand, explore the human toll of war – the former focusing on an LGBTQ couple fleeing the war in Ukraine, and the latter spanning narratives on multiple different wars and their generational effects.

Click here to see all three parts of “Archives, hereinafter" or head to @aaltoarts on Instagram.

Click here on how to help those suffering from the effects of the war in Ukraine.

Man filming another man
Behind the scenes of "Archives, hereinafter - Part II"

@aaltoarts originals is a collaboration between ELO Film School and Aalto ARTS Communications. The first instalment of @aaltoarts originals premiered in Spring 2021 with a weeklong short film festival, featuring unique shorts tailor-made for Instagram.

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