Do you have a sustainability action idea that you are eager to implement on campus? Apply for a Sustainability Action Booster grant!

For the first time, Aalto University is starting a new expense grant model, which will boost the implementation of students' sustainability ideas and projects and supports creating impactful student-owned sustainability culture to Aalto University. Aalto students can apply for a grant from the Sustainability Action Booster for a wide array of sustainability related actions. We are now looking for ideas to be implemented during the grant’s piloting phase.
Sustainability Action Booster poster. A white skin colored hand is holding a disco ball that is seen behind a glittering pink curtain. Text displays: "Would you rather not be a Mother Earth F-er? Apply for sustainability action booster grant. Call closes 14.5.2023. On the bottom of the poster there is a webpage link, QR-code and Aalto University logo.

What is Sustainability Action Booster?

Do you have sustainability action idea that you would be eager to implement on campus? Boost your idea to the next level and implement it with the Sustainability Action Booster grant! 

Sustainability Action Booster is a brand-new expense grant that was created to support students in unleashing their ideas, energy, and enthusiasm for a sustainable future. Its goal is to provide opportunities for students to initiate and participate in student-led sustainability activities on campus and beyond! This is a call to action for students to pilot solutions boosting sustainability and create their own sustainability culture at Aalto University. 

Call for proposals on the Sustainability Action Booster’s piloting phase is now open! Apply before 14th of May 2023!  

The Sustainability Action Booster is now looking for student-initiated action ideas to be implemented at Aalto University campus during the grant’s piloting phase.  

The grant is aimed at a wide array of actions addressing sustainability. It is open for Aalto University students across schools and departments. (Aalto University employees cannot be the main applicant, but they can be part of the applying team.)

Young black assumed femail with pensive expression. Text displays: "Procrastination? No. I will just wait until I am older and therefore wiser.... Wait... That doesn't seem to work with the generation X? Apply now for Sustainability Action Booster grant. Call closes 14.5.2023. On the bottom of the poster there is a link to booster's web-page, QR-code and Aalto University logo.

Individuals or teams can apply for between 500–5,000 € per proposed idea. We are especially interested in activities that are open for all Aalto students to participate in and that support the development of a student-driven sustainability culture at Aalto University. These activity ideas can include, but are not limited to:  

  • Sustainability events, including thematic weeks, festivals, awards, summits, hackathons, or parties  
  • Collaborations with other universities, schools, NGOs, or businesses
  • Projects, including experiments, pilots, prototypes, or podcasts
  • Artistic interventions like exhibitions, flash mobs, drama, or performances
  • Nudges towards more sustainable behavioral patterns
  • Supportive community networks to share ideas, learn, do, and be together

Special consideration is given to action ideas that:

  • Promote sustainability culture across and within Aalto University
  • Enhance multidisciplinary and cross-departmental collaboration, and/or work in diverse teams
  • Increase the inclusivity and wellbeing of the Aalto community
  • Are brave and not afraid of taking risks!

We want to foster radical creativity and create a culture of experimentation where the joy of learning is more important than success!

Share the information with your friends and apply for a grant before 14th of May 2023! Read more about it and how to apply at:

A banner photo with sustainability action booster logo

Sustainability Action Booster

Sustainability Action Booster grant is on a mission to empower students to unleash their creative ideas and implement their own sustainability actions. Whether you have a small project idea or a wild vision for sustainability - apply funding from us!

Please do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected] if you were left with any questions, need additional information or would like to ask case specific advice. We are happy to help!

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