Companies and organisations, come and develop your 5G services together with students at Aalto University's summer school!

5G technology offers opportunities for emerging from the economic crisis. Take advantage of the opportunity to commission a 5G strategy for your company or give a challenge to a group of students. The 5G Summer School starts on the 1st of June so act fast!
Kaapo Collan ja Aapo Karvonen toteuttavat Aalto-yliopiston 5G-kesäkurssin tehtävää (AR) -lasien hyödyntämisestä tuotannonohjauksessa kesällä 2019.
In the picture, Kaapo Collan (left) and Aapo Karvonen carry out a 5G summer school assignment on the utilisation of Augmented Reality (AR) glasses in production control at Accenture Liquid Studio in summer 2019. Photo: Emma Lahtinen

Aalto University organizes a 5G summer school, where companies and organizations can commission their 5G strategies or assign a 5G challenge to a group of students. Companies will receive a proposal on how they can leverage 5G technology in the near future, while at the same time giving students the opportunity to develop their 5G skills with hands-on projects.

Aalto University, together with the University of Helsinki, the University of Oulu and the Southeast Finland University of Applied Sciences XAMK, reacted quickly to the corona situation and expanded its online 5G summer school to offer project work to companies in various fields across Finland. Students of the summer school learn about 5G technology and do project work for a partner company under the guidance of experienced mentors.

“5G technology offers unique opportunities for business development in the near future. At the same time, the participants of the summer school are offered unique learning experiences at the forefront of development, ”says Raimo Kantola, Professor of Computer Network Technology at Aalto University.

The 5G summer school is intended not only for college students, but also for high school students. Company staff are also welcome to join the course. The course includes experts and mentors from Nokia, Traficom, Finnish Commerce Federation and Technology Industries of Finland Federation.

Many people now see a unique opportunity for 5G expertise and applications despite - or because of - the challenging market situation.

“Knowledge and application of GSM mobile technology was the solution to the rise from the recession of the 1990s - know-how and application of 5G mobile technology will play a key role in the rise of the recession caused by the corona epidemic. Now it is worth taking advantage of the opportunity”, encourages Tommi Uitto, President of Mobile Networks and Country Senior Officer in Finland.

“5G will play a key role in the digital transformation of the industry of the future, in which Finland wants to be a pioneer. Now is a good time to strengthen Finland's strong technological know-how in this area of ​​expertise as well”, says Jaakko Hirvola, CEO of Technology Industries of Finland Federation.

“Companies are now being helped by digital leaps. 5G technology offers completely new opportunities to develop services, production and logistics. Despite the challenging situation, now is a good time to develop a company's 5G expertise”, says Mari Kiviniemi, CEO of the Finnish Commerce Federation.

“5G know-how enables Finland to lead the way in developing new types of services. 5G technology offers huge opportunities for new types of business”, says Kati Heikkinen, General Manager of the Digital Connections competence area, at the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom.

Join the 5G challenge!

Aalto University's 5G Hack the Mall summer school will be held as an online training from 1st of June to 12th of June 2020. Companies and other organizations interested in commissioning a 5G strategy or challenging the use of 5G technology at the summer school are invited to leave their contact details at the following link:

Become a 5G Hack the Mall partner

More information about the course and its implementation can be found on the 5G Summer School website. The 5G summer school was held for the first time last summer and was particularly targeted at the retail sector. Encouraged by last year’s success and responding quickly to the corona situation this summer, the course will involve business partners from a wide range of industries.

More information

Juuso Kivinen 
Program Coordinator, Aalto Summer School
[email protected]

Lauri Hollo
Coordinator, 5G Hack the Mall
[email protected]

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