Applying for JOO studies in other Finnish universities

Application period April 2024

Students who are registered as attending bachelor's, master's or doctoral students at a Finnish university can apply for individual courses or a minor at another Finnish university, according to the national flexible study rights agreement (JOO). The study right is valid for a limited time.

JOO studies are integrated in the student’s degree at their home university, and the home university approves the JOO application first. You can get the home university’s endorsement for studies that are not offered at Aalto University, among other criteria. You need to have the JOO studies approved in your study plan before applying. That is why you need to discuss JOO studies with the planning officer or coordinator of your programme/major.

Most universities have two application periods a year, the next being in April. This application period is for studies offered during autumn 2024 and spring 2025. If you are applying in April 2024 to a university which has application periods, e.g. University of Helsinki, the application form must be submitted to Aalto by 21 April 2024 at the latest.


How Aalto University students apply for studies in other Finnish universities:

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