Apply to Aalto Thesis project Valmet: New roads - Business planning in fibre converting

How to enter a new business in the field of fibre? Apply to the Aalto Thesis project to tackle Valmet’s challenge through your Master’s thesis as a part of a multidisciplinary team. The application period for this project is 17.12.-10.1.
photo: Valeria Azovskaya
Fiber study by Dr. Alp Karakoc / Photo: Valeria Azovskaya

The project:

Valmet: New roads - Business planning in fibre converting

The partner:

Valmet is a leading global developer and supplier of process technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. The Finnish company has over 200 years of industrial history and employs 14,000 people around the world.


In this Aalto Thesis project, Valmet is looking for business and technology perspectives to fibre converting. Fibre converting is a new field for Valmet, and here the student team would map out the area of industry and analyse Valmet’s capabilities to enter the business.

Valmet seeks ways to move closer to the end customer with new technology solutions, and the company has building blocks for building a new viable sized business around fibre converting. The concept of fibre converting is used to describe the transformation of fibre products towards end-use (e.g. moulded pulp containers or cardboard conversion into boxes).

 Research themes:

  • Ÿ  The current capability of Valmet
    • What is the suitability of current Valmet offering?
    • Capability-gap analysis of Valmet on the field
  • Ÿ  Business-analysis
    • What is the state of world and major trends around fibre converting?
    • Landscaping possible business acquisitions & business analysis of some potential targets
    • Business-model scenarios

Note! Due to the nature of the project, the selected students are asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement with Valmet.

Aptitude and competencies:

The application is open for all Aalto University Master’s students. Suitable competences for the project could be the following areas: 

  • Technical competencies
    • Basic knowledge of the different type of processes
    • Basic understanding of modularity concepts
    • Analysing of technical synergies between different solutions
  • Business competencies
    • Business analysis (e.g. from product or company point of view)
    • Business model knowledge
    • Basic knowledge of business scenario modelling and what-if analysis

Language of the project:

  • English

Size of the student team:

  • 2 Master’s students from different fields

How to apply:

  • Application to the project Valmet: New roads - Business planning in fibre converting is open during 17.12.-10.1. until 18:00
  • The application form to the project is here. Remember to write the name of the project to the form as well as ask for your supervisor’s permission to participate in the project
  • The student selection is based on academic criteria and aptitude, and Aalto University is responsible for the selection process
  • All applicants will be informed about the selection process within two weeks after the application period ends
  • Read more about how to apply here

The schedule:

  • The project will start with the orientation meeting with Aalto Thesis team on 25 January 2021, following with a remote Kick-Off meeting with Valmet on 29 January
  • You are expected to work full-time for this project and finish your thesis within six months after the Kick-Off

Questions or problems?

  • How does pandemic affect the project? Read more here
  • Take a look at our frequently asked questions
  • If necessary, please contact Aalto Thesis Programme Manager Silva Saulio
    • Note: The Aalto Thesis team is on a Christmas break during 23.12.-6.1.

Aalto Thesis

Aalto Thesis offers challenge-based and multidisciplinary projects for making the Master’s thesis as a part of the team with work-life collaboration. 2-4 students from various Aalto schools form a team, in which they solve work-life partner's challenges through Master’s theses.

The selected students will receive a grant worth of 5,000 € for living expenses. Read more about Aalto Thesis here.

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