Apply for study exchange in January 2024!

Would you like to go on an adventure in the academic year 2024-25? Apply for study exchange in January 2024!
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The exchange application period begins on the 10th January and ends on 31st January. As a TECH student you can apply to any TECH exchange destinations, as long as you meet the selection criteria of the destination and the prerequisites of the courses you choose to take during the exchange. ENG is introducing two new exchange destinations: KU Leuven in Belgium and La Sapienza in Italy. You can find the new destinations and the exchange placement listing for AY 2024-25 on Exchange destinations | Aalto University. If you find expired links in ENG Erasmus+ destinations or Latin American destinations, please let us know in the following presemo:

The exchange application instructions can also be found on Exchange application periods and instructions | Aalto University. The ENG exchange process for getting the signatures to your exchange study plans has been updated to make the process significantly easier. So, once you have completed your exchange study plan, make a study draft on Sisu for your exchange studies, and send your study plans to be signed through e-Support. If you are including your exchange studies to your master’s degree, send your study plans to [email protected]. If you are including your study plans to your bachelor’s degree, please send your study plans to be signed to [email protected]. Please remember to include your study programme to the header of your message.

Come along to the January 2024 exchange studies info events!

  • Exchange information lecture on 16.1. at 12-13 in the Otakaari 1 room U3.
  • Exchange advising help desk in the Learning Centre room 107 Arttu on Wednesdays (10.1., 17.1., 24.1.) at 12:30-15 and on Tuesday 30.1. at 12-15.
  • Exchange advising clinics, where you can chat with the exchange coordinator or your own study programme coordinator about your exchange study plans, on 18.1. at 12:30-14 in the Otakaari 1 room 121A, and on 23.1. at 12-13 in the Otakaari 1 room 121B.
  • Come meet ENG’s own exchange studies advisor in the Otakaari 4 Service point on 9.1. at 11:30-13:00, 15.1. and on 29.1. at 12-13:30, and in the Student Guild rooms on Thursdays at 12-13:30.
  • Exchange help desk on Zoom on Fridays 12.1., 19.1. and 26.1. at 11-13:

Questions? Message [email protected].

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