Apply for a real life research project on the sustainability of oceans

Aalto University students can apply to take part in an interdisciplinary real-life research project for the solution of an important challenge related to the sustainability of the Oceans taking place at University of Lisbon.
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ULISSES - University of Lisbon Interdisciplinary Studies on Sustainable Environment and Seas is a project that will provide students with a deep knowledge of ocean related problems. The participants are challenged to solve a pressing real life problem while working together in an interdisciplinary and international team. For a period of 3 weeks, the students enrolled in the project will be part of an international multidisciplinary team, whose task will be to develop innovative techniques that may contribute to the solution of an important challenge related to the sustainability of the Oceans. The three weeks of teamwork will be preceded by a preparatory phase (via e-learning), which will be compatible with classes in the second semester and will last for 10 weeks.

Why join ULISSES?

  • Work on a fascinating project as part of an international and interdisciplinary team supported by research assistants and specialists in each discipline
  • Connect and collaborate with colleagues from other schools and other countries
  • Deepen your knowledge about the ocean and its relevance for the sustainability of our planet
  • Explore future education and career perspectives

At the end of the project, students will be familiar with: 

  • the fundamentals of different disciplines related to ocean science;
  • the central principles of material science related to polymers;
  • the impact of plastic pollution on the metabolism of biological systems;
  • the basic principles of robotics and the design of autonomous vehicles for sea exploration;
  • the basic techniques to recycle materials and the principles of circular economy;
  • project management methods.

Who can join? 

You must be enrolled in one of Aalto's undergraduate or graduate programmes

You should have general interest in Ocean Sciences, Environment, Health Sciences, Biology, Chemistry and Engineering

You have the desire to work in an interdisciplinary and international team.

Since English is the language of ULISSES, we expect participants to have sufficient English skills to fully engage in the program (everyday communication, active team work, oral presentation, written reports).

Calendar 2023

Applications until January 25 - Apply here 
Preparatory phase February 13 — April 21 (e-learning course)
Team Project July 13 — July 21 (in Lisbon)
This program is free of fees. English will be language used in ULISSES.

Students may apply for Erasmus grants at their home university, to participate in the physical mobility part of the Blended Intensive Programme. Please contact Aalto University Erasmus+ coordinator [email protected] when preparing your ULISSES application.

Visit ULISSES project's or send your questions by e-mail. 

ULisses is part of the student activities of the Unite! European University Alliance. 

Unite! University Alliance

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