AllWell? questionnaire of 2023 reaches 38% response rate

The AllWell? student wellbeing questionnaire of spring 2023 was conducted between 15 February and 1 March 2023. The link to the questionnaire was emailed to all Aalto University's second-year bachelor’s students and first-year master’s students. This year’s sample consisted of about 4350 students, 38 % of whom responded to the questionnaire. AllWell? warmly thanks all of them!
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The annual study wellbeing questionnaire, AllWell?, collects information on the students’ views on teaching, their study wellbeing and study ability as well as peer support. This spring's results indicate that the share of students at risk of burnout has remained almost unchanged compared to the previous year, being now 23 % compared to 24 % in 2022. The results of the AllWell? questionnaire have shown an increase in the risk of burnout during the pandemic, and this year’s results show no clear improvement in this respect. 

The experiences of peer support in studying were notably more positive this year than last year: the share of those feeling they lacked peer support had decreased from 34 % in 2022 to 19 %. Among this year's respondents, a total of 69 % felt they were part of a group related to their studies, 13 % were not sure and 18 % felt they did not belong to any group related to their studies. 

In line with the results of the past years, the students' experiences of the alignment of teaching continued to develop positively. Teaching is aligned when the teaching methods, contents and assessment practices of a course support the students' attainment of the course's intended learning outcomes. In the results, the experiences of feedback received from teachers had improved from last year, but still many respondents requested for more feedback on coursework and examinations in the open-ended comments of the questionnaire. Respondents also wished for more remote study opportunities and lecture recordings in order to increase flexibility in studies. Many respondents felt that having courses and workload distributed more evenly across the whole academic year would support study wellbeing. 

Next steps 

All questionnaire respondents have been sent individual feedback based on their responses. The feedback is designed to help them know themselves better as students and give them tips on improving their study ability and wellbeing. The schools and programme directors can view the results of their school and programme through the report for programme directors, and schools are offered support in developing their teaching based on the AllWell? results. All members of Aalto staff can access the AllWell? results in Power BI

The results will be discussed in school- and programme-level events over the spring and autumn. The goal is to make use of the results in the development of curricula, programmes and teaching. The results of the AllWell? questionnaire give us valuable information on the student wellbeing as well as on how the university operations and services could be developed to better meet the students’ needs. A warm thank you once again to all students who responded to the questionnaire! 


The AllWell? student survey

The AllWell? student survey is sent to all Aalto’s 2nd year bachelor's and 1st year master's students every year.

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