Aalto’s New Cross-Cutting Minor: Sustainable Use of Natural Resources (Luonnonvarojen kestävä käyttö)

Aalto’s new multidisciplinary minor, Sustainable Use of Natural Resources (Luonnonvarojen kestävä käyttö) is ready to add to your study plan!
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All six schools are a part of the Luonnonvarojen kestävä käyttö minor.

As the job market heats up for sustainability experts, Aalto offers a minor packed with multidisciplinary sustainability themes and the opportunity to connect with like-minded peers across different schools. 

With expertise from all six schools, the Luonnonvarojen kestävä käyttö will help you steer spaceship Earth toward a sustainable future!

What’s in it for me?

  • Essential Sustainability Concepts and Processes: Learn essential concepts and language of sustainability and explore material processes related to sustainability in different fields. When you face sustainability issues specific to your field in the future, you'll have a head start and find it easier to tackle them.

  • Sustainability Responsibility and Influence Beyond University: Cultivate a sense of ethical responsibility and leadership with tools and competencies that will help you consider the short and long-term impacts on the environment and society. 

  • Enhanced Job Marketability: Organisations across sectors prioritise sustainability. Show future employers your capacity to analyse urgent challenges and opportunities by adding this minor to your CV. 

For more information about the scope of the minor, and expected learning outcomes, click here. To add the minor to your study plan, use the course code ENG3099.

*Please note that the minor is currently only available in Finnish. 

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