Aalto University at Habitare 2018

Aalto University and its alumni are again prominently present at Habitare, the largest furniture, design and interior design event in Finland.
Matias Liimatainen: Alchemy and Floral Rabbit. Hand built stoneware, platinum and gold

Talentshop exhibition  

Talentshop2018 presents the four most exciting Finnish designers right now. The featured designers were selected from among 37 applicants. Two of the Talentshop showcases come from Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Read more about TalentShop.

  • Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen's The House of Love exhibition is inspired by French artist Claude Monet. Rugs, ceramics and other fantasies are combined with some pieces of old furniture, which all together create a home like setting like from another, dream-like world. Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen is currently working on her artistic research for Empirica research group at the Department of Design. The exhibition is part of her doctoral studies. Take a look at Hanna-Kaisa's portfolio.
  • Hanna Särökaari is a designer and interior architect, whose style can be characterised as minimal, practical and timeless. Hanna is a member of the award-winning Luomo collective, whose group exhibitions in Milan have garnered a lot of international attention. Hanna Särökaari is currently completing her Master’s studies in furniture design at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Take a look at Hanna's portfolio.

24 vases in 24 days 

Design students and staff from Aalto University travelled to Jingdezhen, China, the source and birth place of porcelain production. Their task was to produce 24 unique porcelain vases within 24 days. The works were made on the spot during a three-week workshop in the ceramic studio reserved to visiting international artists. The students worked each on their own design, co-operating with local craftsmen: throwers, trimmers, kiln masters as well as porcelain painter. The pieces were fired, packed and shipped to Finland at the end of the stay. The project was carried out as a cooperation with Aalto EE (Aalto University Executive Education). The exhibition is curated by Natalie Lautenbacher from the Department of Design. You can watch video about the trip to China.

Vapaa Muoto / Free Form Exhibition 

"Vapaa Muoto" is a 24 sqm shared exhibition space for several Aalto University based artists and designers. The exhibition is curated by BA of interior design Carlo Raymann

Habitare Design Competition  

Habitare Design Competition for students is organised together by Habitare and the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. The brief was to find a solution for a meeting place for residents by using an element resembling a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Read more about the competition.

We are pround to announce that two out of four finalist works come from Aalto University. 

  • Ariane Relander's Organized Chaos straddles the middle ground between a spatial installation and a sculpture. Resembling a mosaic, this design is made up of repeated colourful wooden elements, providing seating and shelter for communal gatherings. 
  • Janne Pärssinen's and Tony Yau's Spotti originates from a picnic on a rock. Made up of modular elements, this piece of furniture enables a variety of different experiences. You can sit or lie on Spotti, or use it as a playground element. The design also acts as a visual screen. 

Habitare Design Your Pitch - Pitch Your Design 

How to sell amazing and high quality art and design from Finland? Finland’s best and biggest design and art firms to be involved and supporting unique workshop series for 50 selected designers, artists and design students on September 10-13, 2018.  

The bootcamp is organized by Aalto University Developing Entrepreneurship (Aalto ENT) together with Habitare, Design Forum Finland, Ornamo and Finlayson with the aim to help designers and artists to improve their communication skills, create perfect pitches and encourage them to network with different stakeholders.  

Pitching final will be on Thu 13 Sept at 17 at Habitare Arena stage. 

Five highlights by Aalto alumni 

Works of Aalto University alumni and faculty are dominantly present at numerous Habitare exhibition booths. Here are five highlights worth visiting:  

  1. Anna Ruohonen - Kaj Frank Design Prize winner 2017 exhibition. Aalto alumna Anna Ruohonen is a fashion designer and entrepreneur who combines a strong creative approach with the technical mastery of clothing design skills. Anna Ruohonen's designs are on show in the Glass Gallery. She is also interviewed by journalist Sami Sykkö at the Arena Stage on Thursday 13 Sept at 12–12.30.  
  2. Vuoden Huiput Exhibition: Zelda publication. Based originally on the bachelor theses of our alumna Hanna Valle, Zelda publication was granted the silver award in the Young Creatives series. Zelda is biannual independent digital community and explorative web publication for word, visual and video art. In addition to Hanna Valle, our alumni Aliina Kauranne and Katri Tikkanen have also been involved in designing Zelda.  Grafia’s Vuoden Huiput is Finland’s most significant creative design competition. The awarded pieces of work will be showcased in the Vuoden Huiput Exhibition at Habitare. 
  3. Protoshop exhibition celebrates its 10th anniversary. Over the years, Protoshop has pioneered and highlighted young, new design. The curators of the Protoshop exhibition are the designers, Aalto alumni Elina Aalto, Krista Kosonen and Saara Renvall. The exhibition will offer an excellent, diverse view of what is currently happening in young design.  
  4. Ahead Exhibition Architecture: The exhibition design for Habitare’s Ahead area in 2018 is designed by Laura Mattila and Mikko Merz, both Aalto alumni, from the design and architectural office Mattila & Merz. Drawing on Finnish roots, the design evokes open-air dance pavilions and village halls. 
  5. Habi Kids area:  Our alumna Janine Rewell has designed the visual identity of Habi Kids area. 
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