Aalto BIZ Case Development Center project aims at supporting equity, diversity, and inclusion in teaching

The School of Business is funding projects and initiatives that foster and encourage diversity, inclusivity and equity
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The School of Business is delighted to share the notable progress made by the Case Development Center project, led by Senior University Lecturers David Derichs and Nina Sormunen from the Department of Accounting. The project aims to foster equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in teaching by crafting inclusive learning environments through local case writing on strategically significant subjects, such as ESG.

The team at Aalto BIZ Case Development Center has effectively established a streamlined case writing process by creating a production and publication procedure with assigned responsibilities and a case design template. To date, the center has supported five teaching cases, with one nearing publication within the EDI project.

Spotlight on the Finnish Public Library System

One of the cases supported by the Aalto BIZ Case Development Center, approaching publication, is a case study on the Finnish public library system. Authored by Juliana Rodrigues, this case explores the remarkable experience of the public library system in Finland to promote a timely discussion about sharing resources and public spaces. The case delves into the configurations and variety of scopes of libraries in the country, highlighting its role in promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Juliana Rodrigues expressed her gratitude for the support she received from the Case Development Center, sharing her excitement about the upcoming publication: ‘I am thrilled to present the experience of the Finnish public library system in the context of shared resources and commons. I am grateful for the valuable support and structured guidance Aalto BIZ Case Development Center provided in crafting the material to become an instrumental tool to promote critical reflections in the classroom. I hope it will inspire and engage educators and students alike in discussions that contribute to equity, diversity, and inclusion.’

With the publication of Juliana's case, the Aalto BIZ Case Development Center reaffirms its dedication to enhancing teaching and learning experiences through the development of relevant and inclusive case studies. The center eagerly anticipates supporting more educators in crafting meaningful learning materials that promote equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Overcoming Production Bottlenecks

The Case Development Center addresses the bottleneck in case production at the School of Business, resulting from educators' time constraints and limited knowledge of the case production process. By offering a framework for case production and providing educators with access, funding, and case writers' support, the center aims to maintain high output figures similar to comparable business schools such as Erasmus University Rotterdam, INSEAD, LBS, and IMD Lausanne.

David and Nina encourage anyone with a teaching case idea or an already developed but unpublished teaching case to get in touch with them. ‘The Case Development Center has already achieved great milestones, and we are eagerly looking forward to the ongoing impact of this project on enhancing equity, diversity, and inclusion in teaching.’

Think of and implement ways to support equity and diversity in the School of Business in 2023

The School of Business prioritises an operating environment where equity and diversity atmosphere predominate. The members of our community can now propose how our values can be reflected in our activities more extensively than before

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