A record number of new doctorates at the 2022 Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees in Technology

The most prestigious of academic celebrations was held on the Otaniemi campus on 17 June. The previous conferment ceremony took place in 2019, and the annual tradition has had to be postponed two years in a row. As a result, this year's celebrations at Dipoli were grander than ever before.
Juhlapukuihin sonnustauneet ihmiset laskeutuvat portaita alas kohti kameraa

This year, 531 new doctors were conferred. The proportion of women increased from previous years and accounted for about a quarter of all doctoral degrees. 153 new doctors and 10 honorary doctors attended the ceremonial event.

"At their best and purest, improving the quality, renewal and impact of teaching and research go hand in hand. One of the most important measures of the quality, renewal and impact of the university is you, the new doctors, the future makers!" said professor Maarit Karppinen, who served as the conferrer (promoottori in Finnish) during the celebration.

This year's event was also notable for having three women leading the ceremony. In addition to Professor Karppinen, the event was chaired by Kristiina Mäkelä, Provost, and Kristiina Kruus, Dean of the School of Chemical Engineering.

The conferment ceremony was attended by over 600 people, some of whom watched the event via a high-quality live stream in the Lumituuli auditorium at Dipoli.

Watch a recording of the event

You can watch a recording of the event's live stream here.

Warm congratulations to all the promovendi!

Aallon tekniikan alan promootio 2022
Aallon tohtoripromootio. Kaksi henkilöä katsomassa kameraan ja kohottamassa kuohuviinilasia, taustalla juhlakansaa.
Uudet tohtorit jonottavat lavalle. Taustalla Tiedon liekki heijastettuna valkoiselle seinälle.
Frakkeihin ja juhlapukuihin sonnustautuneet ihmiset hymyilevät kuohuviinilasit käsissään
Juhla-asuihin sonnustautuneet tohtorit istuvat ja taputtavat käsiään
Frakkeihin pukeutuneita laulajia lavalla
Ihmisiä juhlaillallisella pöytien ääressä
Ihmisiä tanssimassa tohtoripromootion illallisjuhlassa
Photos: Aalto University / Heli Sorjonen
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