2022 TUTA Awards granted for outstanding performance

The Department of Industrial Engineering and Management (Tuta) rewarded its employees for outstanding performance in education, research and societal impact. The Awards are granted annually.
Tuotantotalouden laitos (Tuta) palkitsi työntekijöitään erinomaisista suorituksista koulutuksen, tutkimuksen ja yhteiskunnallisen vaikuttamisen alalla. Tunnustuksen saivat Mikko Heiskanen, Niina Nurmi, Frank Martela, Robin Gustafsson ja Timo Seppälä.
Mikko Heiskala (left), Niina Nurmi, Frank Martela, Timo Seppälä (second from right) and Robin Gustafsson were awarded the 2022 Tuta Award. Markku Maula (third from right) was awarded the Knight First Class Medal of the Order of the White Rose of Finland.

TUTA Research Excellence Award was granted to Frank Martela for his intense research activity and his valuable contribution to the international scholarly community. Frank’s research, especially on the meaning of life and work, has attracted widespread national and international media attention. Frank is a great role model for all faculty members conducting research-based education.  

TUTA Education Award was granted to Mikko Heiskalafor his outstanding performance in education and his valuable contribution to the Aalto University community.  Mikko is actively developing educational materials and channels, especially podcasts. He provides teaching in many courses that have received excellent student feedback and high reviews. Also, his communication with students is outstanding, and his willingness to help others is exemplary.

TUTA Outreach and Service Awards were granted to Niina Nurmi, Robin Gustafsson and Timo Seppälä.

Niina Nurmi was recognized for her outstanding performance in research and her valuable contribution to society and the international scholarly community. Niina’s research focuses on the future of work in global organizations -- how to design thriving collaborations for better employee health, creativity, and innovativeness in global virtual work. Niina has initiated topical research openings and has had very positive visibility in the media.

Robin Gustafsson and Timo Seppälä were awarded for their valuable contribution to society and the international scholarly community. “Alustatalouden faktat ja myytit” podcast series hosted by Robin and Timo is an excellent example of university communications with the greater public. Also, the podcast series has become a platform for other faculty members to provide new content to external audiences.

The department also celebrated Professor Markku Maula for receiving the Knight First Class Medal of the Order of the White Rose of Finland. He was awarded the medal on the Finnish Independence Day on 6 December, 2021 but due to the pandemic the community was only now able to come together to celebrate.

Congratulations to all! 

Alustatalouden faktat ja myytit

Onko data siis nykyajan mustaa kultaa? Miten kuntien kannattaisi rakentaa omat digipalvelunsa? Osaako tekoäly ajatella oikeasti? Voiko terveydenhuolto hyötyä urheiludatasta? Nämä ja monta muuta aihetta käsittelyssä Alustatalouden faktat ja myytit -podcastin toisella tuotankokaudella.

Tutustu podcastiin (podcast in Finnish)
Alustatalouden faktat ja myytit -podcastin toista tuotantokautta vetävät Aalto-yliopiston professorit Robin Gustafsson ja Timo Seppälä, juontaa William von der Pahlen.
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