NDE NucCon 2023

International Conference on Non-destructive Evaluation of Concrete in Nuclear Applications
Flyer 10.10.2022

What is NDE NucCon?

The International Conference on Non-destructive Evaluation of Concrete in Nuclear Applications (NDE NucCon) is co-organized by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Aalto University and BAM. While non-destructive evaluation (NDE) of reinforced concrete structures (RCS) in civil engineering applications has a long history, within nuclear industry applications there are many specific challenges to NDE that justify a dedicated international event. This event is open to the owners of nuclear infrastructure (NPPs, waste repositories, etc.), regulators, technical support organizations and other conducting R&D, industry consultants, NDE specialists and academia.

The organizers hope that event helps disseminate NDE solutions to solves real-life challenges applicable on site at utilities /problems. Key aspect covered include NPP structural integrity assessment, retrofitting, ageing management and lifetime extension (for NPP safety, nuclear waste management, decommissioning, etc.) For this reason, we hope to demonstrate NDE applications in our NDE Technology Exhibition.

27% of the worlds operating NPPs have entered life extension, operating beyond their initial design life. To ensure safe and long-term performance of RCS, the effects of premature ageing of nuclear infrastructures, often linked to material deterioration or structural insufficiencies, need to be proactively detected to that appropriate measures can be taken to mitigate their consequence.

Finland houses five nuclear reactors, with a sixth underway, and is in line to become the first country in the world with an operational deep geological repository for high level waste. Finland also has a consolidated international reputation for its nuclear safety culture and pursuit of knowledge gaps that complement the understanding of safety performance and long-term operation. This is the perfect backdrop for hosting such an event, providing the grounds for international cooperation and exchange of knowledge.

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