Otakaari 2A naming competition

A competition open to all entrants to name for one of the newest buildings at the heart of the Otaniemi campus – Gain the honour of naming our state of the art building, and win an iPad too.

Competition time 10 March - 10 May 2022
Naming competition for Otakaari 2A
Otakaari 2A. Illustration image: SARC Architects

Otakaari 2A is approximately 6,500 brm2 of state-of-the-art multifunctional space for teaching, research, art projects, productions, events and visits. All the spaces in this building utilise digital creative media technologies in a plethora of ways. 

Construction began at the end of February 2022, with a plan to open the doors at the end of 2023. The building will serve the whole Aalto university and our key stakeholders, providing a platform that enables radical creativity, experimentation, and novel thinking. The key areas for teaching and research are virtualization (human & environment), visual computing, computer games, AR/VR/MR/XR applications, user-experience, AI in design and art & future cities.

Propose a name

We are looking for an iconic name with a global audience in mind, something that would bring alive the special characteristics of this building described above and in the walkthrough below. Ideally, it would be an easily pronounceable name that would work quite universally, taking into account the diversity of our community and stakeholders. However, the suggestions can also include separate Finnish, English and Swedish name options. 

A walkthrough of Otakaari 2A

Before submitting your proposal at the end of this page, enjoy an imaginary walkthrough of the building.

    Illustration image set in sunset, depicting Otakaari 2 buildings in the future. People walking around and the lights are on in the building.

    Outside Otakaari 2A

    Whether you are traveling by car, metro, bus, tram or bike, you won’t have a hard time finding and reaching Otakaari 2A, as it is located right at the heart of the campus.

    Illustration image: SARC Architects

    Illustration image of Otakaari 2A event lobby with a speaker in limelight on the stage on the left and a crowd with a photographer looking at the speaker

    Event lobby, 1st floor

    As you enter through the glass doors, the first thing you will see is our visitor galleria – the building’s main meeting and information point, where you can learn about Aalto University and ways to explore the campus, and even take a virtual walkthrough of Otaniemi.  

    On this first floor you can also find large event spaces with high ceilings and cutting-edge audio-visual technologies (event lobby, event studio and e-sports theatre). Events in these spaces will offer a forum that will connect people from different fields and backgrounds, and will showcase Aalto University’s experiments in business, art, technology and science. The approach is digital-first, catering not just for the onsite audience, but also reaching to off-campus and global audiences. 

    The facilities, AV-equipment and services for producers will take Aalto University events to a new level, both on campus and virtually. In the data studio, researchers, students and partners will measure and understand collective human experiences in connection with different productions. Students and staff working on various creative projects will be able to loan the required AV and IT equipment from the Takeout. Last, but not least, the restaurant on this floor will keep everybody well fed and hydrated.

    Illustration image: SARC Architects

    Two people sit facing each other by a large editing table, intensily interacting with each other

    Multicamera facilities, 2nd floor

    Let’s take the stairs or the elevator to the next floor.  

    On this floor you will find a variety of AV facilities, such as a video and graphics hub and rooms for video editing, audio editing and color correction to name just a few. Main users of these facilities come from the departments of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture. In addition, this floor hosts digitalization of learning facilities for all and some general office spaces. 

    Photo: Aalto Studios

    Illustration image of MAGICS studio

    MAGICS visualisation, 3rd floor

    The top floor of the building is where the magic happens. The national MAGICS infrastructure aims to fuel new research and innovations through the digitalization of perceptual data from humans and their surroundings.

    On this floor you will find a variety of fascinating studio spaces used by Aalto researchers interested in virtual reality, immersive audio lab, visualizations, computer games, animation and user experience. In addition to these studio facilities, you will also find several project rooms that will be used by different research and arts projects, as well as some teaching spaces.  

    Illustration image: Igloo Vision Ltd

    A person uses VR headset while another assists on the background

    MAGICS VR studio, 3rd floor

    All the facilities in this floor are interconnected to one another and the other floors through high-speed fiber network that enables, for example, the joint use of the Data Studio on the first floor and Behavioral Laboratory on the third floor.

    If you think that this can’t get any better, picture also the e-sports and lanhub, self-service studio, green screen studio and smart stage, to be used for digitalization of learning, media production, innovative projects and events. 

    Photo: Aalto Studios

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    Illustration image depicting what Otakaari 2 could look like, people walking and cycling near Otakaari and Maarintie, man with sunglasses looks to the viewer, its sunny and there's an event in the corner of the building

    Otakaari 2

    Building of Marsio & 2B to began in February 2022, to be completed in 2023-2024.

    Illustration image of a spring or summer view from Otakaari towards Väre, Otakaari 2B on the right side of the image, sun is shining, there are flowers in bloom on the left of the image. Lots of people walking, cycling and interacting near the building.

    Otakaari 2A and 2B construction will start 21 February

    Otakaari 2A and 2B construction will start during February.

    Illustration image set in sunset, depicting Otakaari 2 buildings in the future. People walking around and the lights are on in the building.

    Two new buildings to be built in the centre of Otaniemi campus

    Building Otakaari 2A & 2B begins in January 2022, construction to be completed by summer 2023

    Illustration image of a spring or summer view from Otakaari towards Väre, Otakaari 2B on the right side of the image, sun is shining, there are flowers in bloom on the left of the image. Lots of people walking, cycling and interacting near the building.

    Suggest a name for Otakaari 2A building

    The competition is open to all for the first time. Competition time is 10 March - 10 May 2022


    News from campus

    Illustration image of an early autumn day, depicting Otakaari 2B from the opposite side of Tietotie. Some leaves are on the ground, there are people walking on campus, undistinguishable faces.
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    Suggest a new name for Otakaari 2B building

    Send your proposal latest by 14 June!
    Jessica Sinikoski, photo by Heli Sorjonen
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    Jessica Sinikoski: Events must have room for a little magic

    'My mission is to communicate what Aalto sounds, looks, smells, tastes and feels like, make the message tangible. As we are very close to nature in Otaniemi, the experience should have a bit of tree needles and soil in it, but it should also represent innovation, creativity and social impact.'
    Students outside
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    Energy saved significantly - the community's actions have produced results in Aalto

    Aalto University has reached the energy efficiency goal of its facilities.
    Kampuksen uudet ulkokalusteet
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    New rest facilities for the outdoor areas of the Undergraduate Centre

    The outdoor furniture of the campus will be supplemented later during spring and summer.
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