Aalto Living+ Hub

The Living+ Hub supports collaboration by providing technology for the co-creation of human-centered living environments. It is an experimental space for research, development and innovations activities connecting researchers, students, companies and cities.
Annamari Tolonen, Aalto yliopisto, 2018.
Image: Living+ Hub provides modern technology that facilitates the planning and co-creation of urban environments.

The Living+ Hub is a physical place at the Aalto University campus in Espoo. It offers space and technology to support educational and research activities and societal networking. Different kinds of events such as lectures, seminars and big room meetings are organized in the hub.

Aalto Networking Platform maintains the hub in a close collaboration with Aalto University Campus & Real Estate. Furthermore, the platform collaborates intensely with the Aalto Built Environment Laboratory and the Urban Academy.


The renewed hub features a big meeting space with a multimedia screen designed and developed to enable easy co-creative planning of three-dimensional space, such as urban landscapes and other human-centered environments. The hub also has an open space for mingling, a co-working space, lecture halls and meeting rooms of varying size. The co-working space can be used for free by Aalto researchers, whereas others conducting research and work related to human-centered environments can rent an office table in the co-working space for a monthly fee.  

Past Events by Living+ Platform

A selection of past events organized or supported by Living+ Platform.

Read about the past events organized at Living+ Hub
Living+ Networking Lunch, Dipoli
Networking at Aalto

Aalto Networking Platform

The Aalto Networking Platform brings together research expertise across departments, supporting collaboration both inside and outside of Aalto.


Aalto Built Environment Laboratory

Aalto Built Envinronment Laboratory (ABE) is a new collaborative research and learning initiative of Aalto University, School of Engineering.

Kaupunkiakatemia - Urban Academy

Urban Academy (external link)

Urban Academy (Kaupunkiakatemia) is a platform and network that brings together multidisciplinary research, teaching and societal impact in the field of urban studies. It is a partnership of five organizations: University of Helsinki, Aalto University, City of Helsinki, City of Espoo and City of Vantaa.

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