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Aalto University Learning Centre - Term of use

Welcome to use Aalto University Learning Centre. These terms of use apply to all users who utilise the library's services, appliances and facilities either on site or online.


Aalto University Learning Centre offers services at several service points on Otaniemi campus. There is also a service point in St. Michel. These Terms of Use apply to all users of Learning Centre services. Use of Learning  Centre services indicates acceptance of the terms.

Right to use services

The Learning Centre is open to all. Persons age 15 and older may register as customers. Registration requires a valid, picture ID and a postal address in Finland. Visiting researchers and exchange students also have a right to obtain a library card regardless of the above conditions.

Library loans

The Learning Centre lends out materials for home use; however, all materials are not available for borrowing. The loan periods vary by collection. Checking out materials from a Learning Centre collection  is cost free as long as you return the loan on time or renew the due date before a late fee comes into effect. The Learning Centre also provides material from other libraries (interlibrary loans) to its customers. lnterlibrary lending is a paid service. The charge is indicated on the fee schedule.

Renewing library loans

Except for short-term loans, material borrowed from the Learning Centre may be renewed. You can renew items by using the online self-service Aalto-Primo (https://primo.aalto.fi), visiting a Learning Centre service point or calling. You cannot renew an item that another customer has reserved.


You may place a reservation on a library item. To reserve the item, go to Aalto-Primo (https://primo.aalto.fi) or visit one of the service points in person. You will receive a notice when the item is returned and available. The item will be kept on reserve for you until the date indicated in the notice.

Late fees

Customers who do not return or renew an item by the due date are subject to a late fee. The amount of the late fee depends on the collection. Price list.

Reminder messages

The Learning Centre sends out reminders about loans that will soon fall due. The first reminder arrives by email. The next reminders come after the due date also by email. The purpose of the reminders is to prompt library patrons to return or renew their borrowed material without undue delay. The reminders in no way suggest that the responsibility for returning or renewing the item(s) has shifted from the customer to the Learning Centre.

Responsibilities of library customers

Customers are responsible for the published material they borrow. Lost or damaged publications must be compensated by either supplying a new copy of the publication or paying the price indicated by the Learning Centre. Customers are responsible for returning the materials or renewing their loans by the due date. If the customer returns loans by mail, they are responsible for the mailing costs. 

Customers should notify the Learning Centre of any changes to their personal contact information. The Learning Centre will send all messages - such as reminders and requests to return loans - to the address given by the customer.

lf a customer does not return overdue materials or pay overdue fees regardless of the reminders, the Learning Centre will turn over the unreturned loans and late fees to a debt collection agency. The minimum compensation for a book is EUR 100.

Each customer is responsible for the use of their library card. The card is personal. lf the card goes missing, the customer must immediately notify the Learning Centre. The owner of a library card is always responsible for the publications borrowed using the card. All customers are expected to handle Learning Centre property with care. They will be held liable for any damage they have caused to Learning Centre property.

Loss of borrowing rights (patron block)

A customer will lose their right to borrow materials if:

  • They do not return the borrowed materials or renew the loans.
  • Their outstanding late fees equal or exceed EUR 10.

The customer will be able to check out materials again after returning the outstanding loans and/or paying the late fees.

Use of online materials

Most of the Learning Centre's online materials, such as e-books and e-journals, are available to all customers  on the Learning Centre computers. ln addition, Aalto University students and staff can access them remotely,  for example at home. The use of the online materials included in the Learning Centre's collections is subject to agreements signed with the producer/seller of the materials.

Use of public workstations at the Learning Centre

The workstations at the Learning Centre may be used for accessing library services and for study and research. Some workstations require a Aalto user ID and password.

Customer surveys

The Learning Centre occasionally invites its customers to participate in customer surveys. The invitations  are  sent to the  email  addresses  stored in the Learning Centre's customer register. The purpose of the surveys is to collect feedback and enable the Learning Centre to improve its operations.

General rules and guidelines

Disruptive conduct is prohibited at the Learning Centre. The use of telephones must not disturb other customers. The Learning Centre accepts no responsibility for personal belongings in its facilities. Customers who do not comply with these Terms of Use may be restricted from the Learning Centre.

Entry into force

These Terms of Use enter into force on 7 September 2020, repealing previous rules and guidelines regarding the use of the Learning Centre.

Contact information: Harald Herlin Learning Centre

Contact information of the Learning Centre as a whole. Our main service point is Harald Herlin Learning Centre at Otaniementie 9, Espoo.

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