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Housing for exchange students

This page offers information for incoming exchange students about different housing options in the Helsinki region

The housing situation in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area (cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa) is challenging and there is a lot of competition on the rental housing market. A level of rent is high and there is a lack of small rental apartments and student housing within this area. Therefore, it is good to start finding suitable accommodation many months before your arrival in Finland.

Aalto University does not itself own any student dormitories nor has housing services to offer. Aalto University has an agreement with HOAS for providing a number of furnished rooms for incoming exchange students. However, Aalto University cannot guarantee housing for all the exchange students since the Hoas quota is limited. Exchange students can apply housing also for unfurnished apartments owned by Aalto´s Student Union, AYY. In addition, it is good to prepare yourself to find accommodation from the private rental markets as well.

When looking for an apartment, read carefully all the information and instructions given by the housing provider! 

This information is directed to incoming exchange students at Otaniemi campus. Incoming exchange students at Mikkeli Campus can find information on Mikkeli specific page.

Key points when applying for housing

Exchange Student Housing - main options

HOAS and AYY are the main student housing providers in Helsinki Metropolitan area. Read carefully more information and remember to apply early (do not wait for the admission decision from Aalto University)!

Short-term accommodation / Private market

You can also search for accommodation on the private market. However, it might be difficult to find affordable furnished accommodation for a short period of time. Please note that Aalto University cannot offer any assistance in finding accommodation from the private market.

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