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Wireless charging offers a solution to charge mobile and portable devices simply by placing them within the charging area without any need for physical cords. However, current wireless charging technologies require precise alignment between the charging pad and the device or a specific holder, limiting convenience and possibilities to charge multiple devices at the same time. 

We have introduced a radically new wireless charging technology based on the Aalto University owned non-coherent power combining principle to achieve simple, robust, and efficient charging with fully free positioning capabilities. Our solution provides effectively charge multiple devices without any need for complex control methods or special materials, offering significant benefits of saving production and operational costs. Most importantly, our solution can be easily integrated with existing standards, such as Qi, Qi2, A4WP, etc. This positions our technology to enter the market seamlessly and quickly, particularly as the demand for fully free wireless charging has significantly increased not only in the customer electronics market but also in other market segments, such as industrial, automotive, and healthcare.

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