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Machinaide is a project that defines how the industrial ecosystems work together in the future. Today, machines and factories create ecosystems that operate locally. Machinaide creates solutions to connect these ecosystems similarly as the internet works today. New and better human-machine interfaces can be used to process information from connected ecosystems. This enables the full potential of Digital Twins, Internet 4.0, and Industrial Internet of Things. 

Machinaide is a multinational project, including partners from Finland, Turkey, Netherlands, and South-Korea. Finnish partners include Konecranes, Ideal GRP, Roll Research International, Remion, and VTT. The Finnish consortium´s work focuses around the Aalto Industrial Internet Campus where various systems are demonstrated. Ilmatar, the Smart Crane, and Roll Research Internationals Virtual Grinding Machine, and their digital twins create one ecosystem, which will be connected to our international research partners' ecosystems. 

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Professor Kari Tammi

Professor Kari Tammi’s group develops digital twins for industrial use

A digital twin refers to a virtual model of a machine, equipment or even a whole production plant.



Open sensor manager for IIoT by R. Ala-Laurinaho, J. Autiosalo, K. Tammi

The article presents an open-source sensor manager, which allows changing the configuration of sensors remotely over the internet. The manager also enables easy addition of new sensors with a coding-free approach. 

Data Link for the Creation of Digital Twins by R. Ala-Laurinaho, J. Autiosalo, A. Nikander, J. Mattila and K. Tammi

The paper introduces a practical implementation of an overhead crane digital twin based on Data Link. The Data Link connects the features of a digital twin and brings all information of a digital twin behind a single interface.

Towards Integrated Digital Twins for Industrial Products: Case Study on an Overhead Crane by J. Autiosalo, R. Ala-Laurinaho, J. Mattila, M. Valtonen, V. Peltoranta and K. Tammi

This article describes the development journey of the digital twin for the overhead crane “Ilmatar” located at Aalto premises. The digital twin consists of multiple components and was developed in collaboration with industry partners. Based on the experiences, the article draws recommendations on how to develop integrated digital twins.

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