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The HSE Support Foundation issues grants, recognition awards and other support for researchers, teachers, other personnel, and students at Aalto University School of Business. Grants are awarded twice a year.
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The Yrjö Uitto Foundation grants in spring 2021

By decision of Yrjö Uitto foundation board on June 10, 2021 grants of 52,000 euros were made based on applications submitted by March 16, 2021.

MSc Thomas Hoeger                                             doctoral theses                          3 000 €
PhD Ewald Kiebler                                                 research project                         3 000 €
PhD Olga Lavrusheva                                            research abroad                      20 000 €
Prof. Arto Lindblom                                                research project                         6 000 €
MSc Marja Svanberg                                             post doc -research project        20 000 €

The HSE Support Foundation sr grants in spring 2021

By decision of the HSE Support Foundation board on April 21, 2021, grants of 379,580 euros were made based on applications submitted by February 28, 2021, to researhers, teachers, employees and students of the Aalto University School of Business.

Grants of 20,000 euros to Master's theses have been made from companie's donor funding. Grants of 1,740 euros were made to language revision of doctoral theses and other research, and recognition awards for quality publications of 42,500 euros were awarded to researchers at Aalto School of Business.

Letters of acceptance have been sent to grant recipients in the spring of 2021, and their names have been added to the list of recipients below. Update is coming soon

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