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Sustainability Action Booster

Sustainability Action Booster is an expense grant dedicated to empowering students in unleashing their creative ideas for a sustainable future. Our mission is to provide opportunities for students to initiate and participate in student-owned sustainability actions - both on campus and beyond!

The grant is aimed to support students' sustainability actions by reimbursing the occurred expenses. It's designed to support a wide array of actions with a wide angle towards sustainability! The grant can be applied by Aalto University students across schools and departments. 

Individuals or teams can apply any time for a grant between €500–€5,000. At predetermined times (in 2024, twice), we also offer the possibility of applying for larger grants of up to €10 000 for exceptionally well-justified projects!

Read more about the grant's guidelines and criteria and apply now!

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Sustainability Action Booster

Sustainability Action Booster grant is on a mission to empower students to unleash their creative ideas and implement their own sustainability actions. Whether you have a small project idea or a wild vision for sustainability - apply funding from us!

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