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Sustainability Action Booster

Sustainability Action Booster is an expense grant dedicated to empowering students in unleashing their creative ideas for a sustainable future. Our mission is to provide opportunities for students to initiate and participate in student-owned sustainability actions - both on campus and beyond!

The grant is aimed to support students' sustainability actions by reimbursing the occurred expenses. It's designed to support a wide array of actions with a wide angle towards sustainability! The grant can be applied by Aalto University students across schools and departments. 

Individuals or teams can apply any time for a grant between 500–5,000 €. Twice per semester, we also offer a possibility of applying for larger grants up to 10,000 € for well-justified projects!

The proposed action has to: 

  1. Progress, promote or pilot some aspect of sustainability action
    • We have a wide angle towards sustainability and fund projects from all aspects of it! 
  2. Be legal and safe for project owners and potential participants 
  3. Be inclusive and open, or otherwise available for all Aalto students
    • It's okay to have a limited capacity as long as everyone has an equal possibility to sign up! 
  4. Be communicated and promoted through suitable communication channels such as social media, Telegram, posters, or newsletter, so all of the Aalto Community can hear about it! 

We want to foster radical creativity and create a culture of experimentation where the joy of learning is more important than success!

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Sustainability Action Booster

Sustainability Action Booster grant is on a mission to empower students to unleash their creative ideas and implement their own sustainability actions. Whether you have a small project idea or a wild vision for sustainability - apply funding from us!


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