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Looks do matter! Stand out from the masses with intelligent package design.

Package design plays a major role in the business of companies. At best, it encapsulates the entire philosophy of the product and the brand; it creates expectations, and impressions of the quality of the product and brand, which often are catalysts for the first purchase.
Pack-Age Design -kurssin satoa

The consumer package guides the choices consumers make every day. The packaging tells consumers not only about the product, but also about the values of the manufacturer. As packaging solutions also have a wide economic and ecological impact wherever products and materials pass through, intelligent package design can bring many benefits.

“From a business perspective, the package is the most effective printed media and its influence is significant”, Markus Joutsela, Lecturer in Visual Communication Design at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture explains. “Hence, investing in package design, research and development is profitable for companies. Aalto University’s aim is to bring new perspectives, bold ideas and experience into packaging design through science and art.”

Package is the first step to creating user experience

High-quality package design opens new opportunities for Finnish companies in the global market. Package design helps build strong relationships with consumers, based on understanding the local culture, the life span of the product, the different phases of the cycle of consumption, and the interaction between the consumer and the product.

From the consumer’s point of view, a package is also an interface for the product’s use through which the user’s experience begins to develop. Therefore, it is imperative to explore the functional and material as well as creative and emotional aspects of packages. Thoughtful design solutions and visual communication can reflect matters and values that are important for a company and for consumers and influence consumer behaviour. The new packaging materials and ecological packaging solutions bring added value to the business and increase its competitive advantage, while also helping save natural resources.

This is exactly the type of progress Aalto University wants to be involved in. We want to strengthen research and education in the package design and innovations of the future. To enable that, we have launched a fundraising programme for a Professor of Practice in Package Design. By donating, you can support our goal of bringing international renown and prestige to Finnish packaging design. For more information, please contact our Donor Engagement team.


Students generating ideas for a welcome package for asylum seekers

Course participants approach the task by means of service design and graphic design.


Kela's new maternity package is designed by Robert Lönnqvist

New look for the 2018 edition of the Finnish maternity package is Day Dream, designed by Aalto University Master's student Robert Lönnqvist. The maternity package will turn 80 years next year and is given out by Kela.

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