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Government's matching funding campaign 2020-2022

Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, will capitalise universities by EUR 100 million, of which EUR 67 million will be distributed in proportion to the donations received by universities in 2020-2022.
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A donation to Aalto University is an investment in a sustainable and competitive Finland. Together, we can solve society's greatest challenges.

A perfect time to make a donation

The purpose of the government matching funding campaign is to safeguard the solvency of universities. The amount of matching funding is based on the donations received by the university by the end of June 2022. The matching funding will be added to the university's foundation capital.

Is my donation eligible for matching funding?

A donation of less than EUR 10,000 is eligible for matching funding when it is generally allocated to the university. When you donate online and select Aalto University as your donation target, matching funding may be applied for your donation. 

Other online donation targets are not eligible for matching funding.

A donation of at least EUR 10,000 is eligible for matching funding when it is allocated to Aalto University or one of the three fields of Aalto's education: Business and Economics, Arts and Design, or Science and Technology.

To make a targeted donation, please contact our donor engagement team.

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Tax deduction of donations

Did you know that donations of 850€ and above per year to Aalto University Foundation are tax-deductible? The donation can be given in several installments throughout the calendar year.

For communities and corporations the maximum deductible amount is 250 000 €. For private individuals the maximum deductible amount is 500 000  €.

Read more on the Finnish Tax Administration's page.

Our supporters in the United States, please use this link for you donation to benefit from US tax deductions.

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