Field of arts and design

The School of Arts, Design and Architecture at Aalto University is one of the most internationally renowned universities of art, design and architecture in the world. When art and science come together with technology and business, new levels of knowledge and cooperative projects can come to fruition.
Aalto University, Otaniemi stories: Mervi Antila & Nathalia Mussi Weidlich, Students of Applied Arts / Photographer: Sinikoski

The world is full of information, and the ability to process this information represents a critical success factor for society. Art inspires critical discussion that helps enrich and develop society as a whole. The creative economy, including the game industry, is an important growth sector. Aalto Media Lab researches and develops media solutions for the future.

When you donate to the field of arts and design at Aalto University, you provide your support for research and education in arts and design, which focus not only on individual works but also on the design of products, services and human-centric living environments. The result is satisfied users and functional products and services.

If you are planning to donate 10 000 euros or more, please get in touch with our donor relations team who will help prepare your deed of donation. Donate and become part of our donor network!


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