Foundation for Aalto University Science and Technology

Foundation's grant application and deed of gift forms

Foundation for Aalto University Science and Technology awards grants for MSc and Doctoral theses. The grants awarded by the Foundation are based on donations from Finnish industrial companies, who may direct their gift to the Foundation to be used for research in a field of technology of their choice.

For students/researchers: Application forms for scholarships and travel grants

  • Please attach a study record transcript (can be an unofficial version)!
  • Return the application, signed by your supervising Professor, to the Foundation Office no later than one week before the meeting (see here for meeting times).
  • Scholarships are awarded for MSc, Licenciate and Doctoral theses at Aalto CHEM, ELEC, ENG, SCI and Department of Architecture. The Foundation awards scholarships based on donations. Thus a company must first make a donation to a specific field of technology. If you cannot think of a suitable company, you might ask your professor.

For donors: Deed of gift forms

  • Please indicate the field of technology for which the gift is intended. The Foundation will use 80% of the donation as a thesis grant, 10% is used in the advising professor’s research area and 10% remains for the Foundation’s operations.
  • The name of a professor or a student can not be indicated in the deed of gift. Please send the deed of gift to Foundation Office no later than one week before the meeting; for meeting times please see the main page.
  • In case your company's financial administration requires a bill for paying the gift, then please fill in the deed of gift and contact the Foundation Office.
  • Deed of gift forms are given below in .docx and .pdf file format.
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