Unite! online course: How to work in global virtual teams?

Virtual teams have become an important foundation of global organisations’ success. Therefore, it is essential for students who aim to work in international workplaces to understand key elements of effective virtual teamwork. This course will allow you to establish relevant knowledge and communication skills to work effectively in Global Virtual Teams (GVTs) by locating yourself in a very similar virtual working environment - because you will meet and work together virtually with Unite! students from seven different countries (Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Sweden) and beyond!
Aalto University Summer School 2020
Aalto University Summer School 2020

We will start with a lecture at the beginning of each class to build up a basic understanding of key topics. Then, we will talk about virtual teamwork in breakout rooms based on discussion questions provided by the teacher. Small group discussion is a very important component of this course as this is how we bridge knowledge and real-life teamwork practices. At the end of each class, we will share interesting discussion points from different breakout rooms and summarise the main learning points.

Students are highly encouraged to share their perspectives, thoughts and relevant experiences with peers throughout the course.

Aalto students from all different schools and degree levels are welcome to join the course!

Key topics:

  • Key characteristics of Global Virtual Teams (GVTs)
  • Identifying common communication challenges in GVTs
  • Effective use of ‘metacommunication (i.e. communication about communication)’ & ‘Social Communication’ in GVTs
  • Effective use of technologies in GVTs


Aalto students can sing up on this course through Sisu.

Unite! students can sign up on this course through Metacampus. You can also contact Vilma Jokinen ([email protected]) for registration related questions.

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