The Trees of Pikku Finlandia

This exhibition by Josh Krute at Pikku Finlandia Hall in Töölö features relief prints made from cross sections of the building's unique pine tree pillars.
Josh Krute with the Pikku Finlandia tree designs
Josh Krute working on the Trees of Pikku Finlandia. Photo: Anne Kinnunen
Prints of the Trees of Pikku Finlandia
Prints by Josh Krute. Photo: Anne Kinnunen

A series of sectional prints of the pine trees from Pikku Finlandia building

The Trees of Pikku Finlandia showcases over 15 prints showing a spectrum of pine tree characteristics – ranging in size, age, and concentric growth patterns. The artworks have been hand printed onto paper with ink to depict each tree’s sectional ‘finger-print’ and are shown in the Finlandia Café throughout September for Helsinki Design Week and Designs for a Cooler Planet.

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Using wood as a subject matter, this exhibition merges visual arts and interior architecture for visitors to closely examine the relationship of how we adapt natural materials for our modern infrastructures.

Join the exhibition opening on Friday, September 9, 18:00-21:00!

Josh Krute
Workshop master and print artist Joshua Krute. Photo: Anne Kinnunen

The Trees of Pikku-Finlandia exhibition conveys the unique marriage between the architectural tree elements, space, and artwork – all centred around the qualities of Finnish pine trees. Onlookers can observe a spectrum of natural qualities of the building’s pine columns and prints from them. As such, people may be able to draw new connections toward wooden manufacturing, architecture and the visual arts under the theme of ecological and environmental wooden materiality.

Video by Jaakko Hyytiäinen.


Josh Krute Designer/maker/artist/organizer
Krute Design

Jaakko Torvinen Pikku Finlandia 
Read more about the architectural design and project

Johanna Tolonen CEO of Finlandia HallLearn more about Finlandia Hall


 Josh Krute

Josh Krute

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