Wood Studio meets with success in WantedDesign New York

Aalto University takes part in the international WantedDesign online exhibition 2022. WantedDesign is a platform for creative talent, and it organises digital exhibitions featuring great design from around the world.
Rulpa_Anna Aleksejeva in WantedDesign
Anna Aleksejeva's project 'Rulpa' was chosen as one of the five overall winners.

WantedDesign is an international platform dedicated to promoting design and fostering the creative community. In an effort to introduce emerging artists to the world, WantedDesign has launched an online exhibition featuring thought-provoking student work. WantedDesign’s International Schools Show presents pieces from design programs around the world, and Aalto University is one of the selected 10 design schools taking part.

Aalto’s contribution this year was to present the outcome of the course Wood Studio led by lecturers Karola Sahi and Mikko Paakkanen. Aalto student Anna Aleksejeva was chosen as one of the five overall winners with her project ”Rulpa” out of over one hundred student projects, judged by the distinguished international jury.

Student projects

    Anna Aleksejeva 'Rulpa'

    Wood Studio: RULPA - Anna Aleksejeva
    Winner of: Ready to Implement Conscious Design Award

    The Wood Studio project’s main theme was to create a unique cooling off stool for Finnish sauna. The RULPA stool is multifunctional, a stool and a matt to use in a sauna space.

    Anna Aleksejeva 'Rulpa'

    Wood Studio: RULPA - Anna Aleksejeva
    Winner of: Ready to Implement Conscious Design Award

    Anna Aleksejeva 'Rulpa'

    Wood Studio: RULPA - Anna Aleksejeva
    Winner of: Ready to Implement Conscious Design Award

    Anna Aleksejeva 'Rulpa'

    Wood Studio: RULPA - Anna Aleksejeva
    Winner of: Ready to Implement Conscious Design Award

    Emilia Lonka: Huili Sauna Stool

    Huili: Sauna Stool - Emilia Lonka

    The word “huili” comes from the Finnish verb “huilia”, which means resting. Emilia Lonka wanted to create a stool that can be easily moved, stored and used however and whenever needed - while washing oneself, at the pier after swimming or for cooling off after sauna. The functionality dates back to the Shaker culture, where simplicity and function were glorified. It was common to store daily goods and light furniture on the wall. This inspired to design a form that can be easily hung on the wall.

    Turkka Taipale: Saunakoni (Sauna Horse)

    Saunakoni (Sauna Horse) - Turkka Taipale

    The Saunakoni (Sauna Horse) is designed for demanding conditions, at the interface of the Arctic cold and scorching sauna heat. The Saunakoni seat is designed for wet areas and thanks to the curved shapes, no water is left on the furniture. It's comfortable to sit on while cooling off from the sauna and enjoying a cold drink.

    Eevi Hautanen: Tovi

    Tovi - Eevi Hautanen

    Tovi sauna stool combines round and soft shapes with linearity and angularity. The stool is made of naturally moisture-resistant larch and the stool is built to be very durable and sturdy. This stool is designed to withstand sauna moments for many generations to come.

    Siying Deng: A Stool

    A Stool - Siying Deng

    A Stool is handcrafted from larch, so it is suitable for wet conditions. It can also be used to cool off after taking a sauna and for other purposes. Its grid-like design on top and A-shaped legs allow water to stay as little as possible, achieving unity of function and form.

    Tiphane Bedel: Dune

    Dune - Tiphaine Bedel

    When designing this project, Tiphaine Bedel was thinking about the image of sand that settles or spreads when you sit on it, to finally take a shape that best adapts to your morphology. So, this seat has undulations, hollows and edges that offer good comfort and also allow the water to escape.

    Vivi Soria: Secci

    VIVI - Sofia Secchi

    Vivi stool's clean and geometric design is enlivened by a tilting movement made possible by the simple lines of its silhouette. It is made of aspen, a type of wood that is often chosen for sauna interiors as it withstands high temperatures without warming up.

    The main purpose of the project was to rethink the common practice of sitting outdoor in between sauna sessions on steady benches or random stands. Vivi stool offers an alternative, more playful and dynamic seating option to enjoy the cooling-off moments.

    wooden stool in shape of clover

    Clover Stool - Sevde Bozkurt

    Clover Stool is a larch stool with three warm heart-like shape patterns encapsulated within an overall circular form, taking inspiration from the natural shape of the clover leaf. It aims to bring you closer to nature and enables you to feel comfortable while cooling off.

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