Public defence in Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering, M.Sc. Mehdi Tavakkoli

Optimization for Demand Response Consumers and Wind Power Producers in the Electricity Market

M.Sc. Mehdi Tavakkoli will defend the thesis "Optimal market strategies in energy systems with high penetration of wind power" on 27 October 2022 at 12 (EET) in Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation, in lecture hall AS2, Maarintie 8, Espoo.

Opponent: Prof. Sasa Djokic, The University of Edinburgh, UK
Custos: Prof. Matti Lehtonen, Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation

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During recent years, the penetration of renewable energies in the network has been increasing substantially, and with the aim of transition to green energy system in future, more renewables are targeted to be added to the power system. Among these renewable energies, wind and solar generated over 10 percent of global electricity for the first time in 2021, rising from 9.3% in 2020, and that was twice the share compared to 2015 when the Paris Climate Agreement was signed (4.6%).

As a matter of fact, the increasing share of renewable energy generation imposes challenges to the power systems. These challenges can be planning and operation of the power systems with different generation pattern in the future which requires more flexibilities resources and reserves power due to the fluctuating nature of renewable energies like wind and solar. On the other hand, transformation of the energy and electricity system had a major impact on the electricity market. For example, some reforms are needed to integrate the new balancing services that will keep the electricity grid secure with more renewables.

To address some of the abovementioned challenges, in this doctoral dissertation we investigated the optimal market strategies in the energy system from two perspectives:

  • From wind power producers’ perspective which try to find their optimal offering strategies in the market to maximize their revenue.
  • From the consumers’ perspective which seek to minimize their electricity bill or maximize the incentives they can receive from the network by participating in the demand response program and providing flexibilities for the network.

The main results of the study can be summarized as follows.

  • Finding a novel approach that enables wind power producers to participate in both energy and reserve markets.
  • Finding the maximum utilization of wind power energy using a game theory based-demand response.
  • Finding strategic biddings for a large consumer in both day-ahead and balancing markets.
  • Finding the bidding Equilibria of multiple strategic consumers who are participating in both day-ahead and balancing markets

These findings can be beneficial in the future of the energy systems where there is a high integration of renewable energies in the grid.

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